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The Dark Side Of The Comedy

Updated on August 14, 2011

There are lots of Star Wars related spoofs out there. Spaceballs, Family Guy's series, Robot Chicken Star Wars, you name it. But I bet that you haven't seen this one which is basically 'Darth Vader meets the real world'. And it's called Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager.

Star Wars: The Real World

Chad's life story isn't that clear, but one thing is pretty obvious. He doesn't look like your neighbor or friend would. Why? Well, somehow Chad accidentally rode his bicycle in a volcano and afterwards his brother, thus Sith Lord Darth Vader, sent him a life support suit which keeps him alive. Sounds pretty weird, but still possible, right?

Unlike his relative, Chad is pretty chatty and social person. He is working at the supermarket called Empire Market as a day shift manager. Being a manager of any kind is difficult itself, but working as the 'underboss' at this store is an absolute horror. You see, everyone here - from costumers to workers themselves - are so bizarre. And that's pretty much the reason why the show is so great. Chad constantly has to deal with 'nuts' and that annoys him so much, but for viewers it's so hilarious.

Chad's suit isn't the only thing that makes him more Vader than you or me. Pretty often he uses lines from Star Wars, sort of. The best probably would be 'I sense a disturbance in the store' or 'Strike me down with your hate and claim your refund!' Clever, clever.

At the first scenes on the first episode Chad behaves just like Darth would have. He has his own Emperor (Randy - Chad's boss), apprentice (Jeremy) and, of course, quite a lot of nemesis. But later in the series he actually drops down his Star Wars attitude and becomes more like a 'normal' person.

Behind The Vader

Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager is created by two guys - Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan. At first the show was produced for Channel 101 but after only two episodes it was canceled. Nonetheless, the series continued on YouTube because it had already gained some popularity on it. Those were the dark days, now it has 3 seasons with 28 episodes in total plus additional 6 episodes of Chad's Training Videos. BlameSocietyFilms a while ago revealed some info about forth season. Part of it will be a 'prequel' of Chad's early days in the store. But here's more. Matt and Aaron for the very first time encourages fans to tell what they would love to see in Day Shift Manager series.

Chad is actually played by two actors. Aaron is the body but Matt is the voice of Vader. And these guys does it so good that they received George Lucas Selects award in The Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2007. And Matt even got a job as a voice actor for Darth Vader in video games Soul Calibur IV and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (I and II).

Chad - YouTube Celebrity

Besides being a manager on the Day Shift Manager series, Chad appears to be great comedian, as well. He has made a funny parody of Friday and a cover of Chocolate Rain, been stuck in an oven and done some other pretty stupid things. With all this Chad has became a YouTube celebrity. He even co-starred Will It Blend? event at YouTube Live with Tom Dickson. On top of that here's one thing you probably didn't see coming - Chad in 2008 collaborated with Santa Claus in Holiday Greeting Cards.

Chad is definitely the best Star Wars related spoof out there. The funniest thing is to see how Chad struggles with the life which seems so normal for us.


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    • Martins Grinbergs profile image

      Martins Grinbergs 6 years ago from Latvia

      Only 28 as Day Shift Manager. Addition to that are Chad's Training Videos (6 episodes) and numerous comedic bits - parodies, song covers and even spin offs from the series.

      About a month ago Aaron and Matt (creators of the show) approved that season 4 is being filmed, so we'll get new ones pretty soon.

      And easiest way how to find all the episodes. Go to and on the upper right corner there are links to the playlists of Seasons 1,2 and 3.

      Have fun watching.

    • mcrawford76 profile image

      Matthew I Crawford 6 years ago from Greeley, Colorado

      too funny - are there more episodes on youtube?