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The Day Alfred From Dark Knight Met Spiderman's Bernerd

Updated on November 5, 2009

One day Bruce Wayne had a party at his mansion. Lots of politicians, philantrophists as usual. But there was one person there who even Batman didn't know -- this old man who seems to be trying to standing up straight as well as he can from being so drunk.

So Bruce gets Alfred to interrogate him. He learns his name much faster then it rings a bell even though it should, for this is Bernerd from the Spider-Man movies. Norman and Harry Osborn's butler.

"I'm such an insignificant character," Bernerd whined. "Harry even makes his own omelets. What am, I doing is such a baller film series?"

"Oh come now, seh," Alfred replied. "You kept tight-lipped about the Goblin massacre occurring right under your nose. You are what James Bond would call a master criminal."

"Oh but it's more just that," Bernard says. "I don't even know how to keep frantic scientist assistants from bursting into Norman's study to tell him Doctor Strom is killed."

"Of course," Alfred says in return. "And who could forget the way you kept Wayne Manor from being paraded upon by...tonight's entertainment."

Bernard grins. "Hey yeah! You did kind of wussy out at that point."

"Yeah alright," Alfred says. "But did yo mama?"


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