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A Mother’s Smile

Updated on February 13, 2018
“Days of Our Lives” star Thaao Penghlis, and my mother, Nettie Eisenberg.
“Days of Our Lives” star Thaao Penghlis, and my mother, Nettie Eisenberg.

I Had the Opportunity to Make My Mother’s Dream Come True. She’s Still Smiling.

I'll set the scene.

My mother has been watching the soap opera, Days of our Lives, since I was a child. No joke. Her all-time favorite actor on the series: Thaao Penghlis.

I had never seen the show. I had never heard of the actor. Regardless, approximately 20 years following the viewing of her first episode ...

My mom and dad, who has since passed away, visited me in sunny California. They arrived fresh from Brooklyn, and we ate lunch at Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset Boulevard, smack-dab in the heart of Hollywood. On the way out, my sweet and usually composed mother veritably lost her mind when she saw Thaao walking near the same restaurant.

My father was as unfamiliar as was his son. We were both laughing, and joking at my mother’s expense for the next hour.

My mother's friends and family would hear about this "Thaao sighting" pretty consistently for the next 20+ years. “When I go to California, I see celebrities all the time,” she would tell them.”My eldest, he works in the business.” Eventually, she’d become cynical, and would change her story to, “I’m going to California again. I don’t like it there. I never see any celebrities anymore.”

I reminded her that during one particular visit she had met Carol Burnett, Larry King, and Tony Curtis. “Eh,“ she said. “I only spoke to Carol. I ignored the other two.”

Welcome to my world.

A Long-Awaited Meeting

Fast-forward, oh, another 25 years. December, 2015. Barnes and Noble in Burbank, CA. Thaao, along with dozens of other classic TV and classic TV-inspired creatives, including myself, spoke to an appreciative crowd about their personal career experiences. This was an event hosted by Herbie J Pilato and Caryn Richman, as a special Herbie J "Throwback Thursday" Christmas event.

I was surprised to hear the name "Thaao," and when it was my turn to speak I told the above story so he could hear it. I introduced myself after ... and asked him for a favor.

"Would you call my mom in Florida?"

”Really?” he asked. ”Will we wake her?”

”Trust me,” I said. “She’ll want to be woken up for this.”

”Sure,” he said.

I was immediately taken with his kindness. Thaao and I walked to the center of the store, and I called my mother on my cell.

”Hey, did I wake you?” I asked.

“I was just watching TV,” she said.

“I have someone who wants to converse with you.”

“It’s late,” she said. “Who wants to talk to me at this hour?”

I handed the phone to Thaao. My mother had no idea I had put the call on speaker mode. “Hello Nettie,“ he said. “Do you know who this is?”

Thaao has an accent that can best be described as a combination of Greek, and proper (British) English. He smiled, and pointed to the phone.

After a momentary pause ... “I do,” she said. “This is Andre.”

I’m thinking to myself, Who the hell is Andre? MOM, THIS IS THAAO!!

“It is,” Thaao replied. I found out later she was referring to his character name of Andre DiMera.

They spoke for five minutes or so, and got on famously. He handed the phone back to me. “I’m gonna kill you,” said my mother. I was getting nervous, and she quickly followed up with - “Oh my God! Oh my God! I gotta tell Janet.”

Janet Musumeci, her best friend. I found out the next day that nearly the entire neighborhood of Del Rey Beach, Florida had heard about “the call.”

Which brings us to one year later ...

Thaao and I became friends. My mother arrived in California to visit my brother Mike and I, and our respective wives and Mike's kids ... and Thaao quite literally made a dream of my mother's come true.

I asked. He complied.

Lunch, at Art's Deli.

I am certain that by now the entire state of Florida has seen the photos included in this article. I attended the lunch with them - my mother dared not go alone - and she had the time of her life.

I cannot thank Thaao enough. He‘s solid gold in my book. I wanted to do something special for my mother since my dad passed, and Thaao Penghlis created a memory for her that she will never forget. He’s a "mensch," and my father would very much have appreciated what he did for my mom.

The reason for posting this hub? Because Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and I just want to say, “Mom, I love you.”


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