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The Day Of The Triffids -- The Day The Weeds Got Even

Updated on March 26, 2013
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Picture the property of:

I first saw this movie on TV as a kid, so when I saw it in the video store for sale, I bought it. I was amazed after all these years I still remembered some of the music used in it. Back then, I didn’t know the movie was based on a book. I wonder if the author intended it as the weeds finally turning the tables on the humans. After years of being ripped out of the ground by the roots or squirted with weed killer the weeds would finally have their revenge on the human race.

There’s a spectacular show of meteor showers lighting up the night sky. For the humans that watch the fantastic display lighting the sky it causes them to go blind. And for the Triffids, which are kissing cousins of the Venus Fly Trap, it allows them to grow into giant-sized weeds with the ability to rip their roots out of the ground and be able to stalk their prey. They also have a flower on them that squirts poison that is the equivalent of human weed killer. Meanwhile a couple in a lighthouse is trying to come up with a bigger and better weed killer to take down these murderous plants and save mankind.

True to weeds, the Triffids are immune to being set on fire and being shot at. One guy was shooting at one of them and I was like, “Dude, save your bullets. You might knock a few leaves off, but you’re not hurting them a bit.” Well, you know how resilient weeds are if you’ve ever planted a garden.

The blind aren’t treated very kindly in this movie. They’re treated like human weeds in the flower garden of humanity. When the lead character, Bill’s, doctor discovers he’s blind and there’s no hope to recover his sight, he throws himself out a window. Better dead than blind. The blind are crashing trains and planes and causing untold catastrophes. In short, they were a nuisance much like weeds are to your backyard flower or vegetable garden. There’s an announcement asking the people that can see to come to the stockyard. I’m hoping they planned to rescue the blind people, but when they showed a group of survivors it didn’t look like there was a blind person in the crowd. Even the hero Bill was all for leaving the blind behind to be plant food while the people that could see got to the center that was evacuating people. Nice, huh?

There was one scene where the Triffids were spreading their seeds to make more of their kind. They did it in the exact same manner that dandelions spread their seeds. By sending a bunch I white fuzzy stuff through the air.

One of the characters that could see, Miss Coker, became like Happy Day’s Chuck, the forgotten Cunningham son. Her brother, Mr. Coker, got sprayed by a weed and died, but she was still very much alive at the house. Yet when Bill was rescuing the chick he had a thing for and the kid that had been traveling with him, Miss Coker got abandoned to the drunk convicts and the marauding Triffids without a second thought.

The biggest irony was what finally killed the murderous weeds. The couple trapped in the lighthouse were running out of time as the weeds moved in to kill them, when the husband grabbed the fire hose and squirted the weeds with water. Instead of making them grow, it made them melt like the Wicked Witch of the West when she got water thrown on her. In another twisted irony, what generally makes plants grow caused their demise.

There was a lot of unintended ironic humor in this movie. This dog was sniffing around one of the weeds, no doubt intending to lift its leg and spray it, when the weed sprayed him, first. And watching the weeds be shot at and burned and cut in half and still they can’t be killed, it’s like when you pull a weed up in your garden and another pops right back up in its place.

Fortunately for the human race in the ends the human race ruled while the killer weeds melted and drooled.


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    • jtrader profile image

      jtrader 5 years ago

      Awful how one group is targeted in the movie but maybe the writers were making a point.