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The Debt 2007

Updated on September 10, 2013

Surgeon of Birkenau


The Debt 2007

I have considered attending the movie The Debt 2011 with Sam Worthington and Helen Mirren but I came across The Debt 2007 which as Israeli film written in three languages. It is in Hebrew, German and Russian. I prefer to see films in their original languages. This is true of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon as well. I haven't seen The Debt 2011 but have seen The Debt 2007.

It is free on Demand on xfinity if you have it. I highly recommend you watch it. It is an exceptional film. It is well written and well acted.

The movie opens with the three young mossad agents renting to Israel heroes who have slain the infamous Nazi war criminal. "The Surgeon of Birkenau". This of course is a lie which propels these three mossad agents to the top of their society but haunts them as an elderly gentleman in the Ukraine is claiming to be Herr Surgeon. So the same three mossad agents who claimed to have killed him are sent to back to hunt him down and kill him. They are to finish the task for which was the pillar of their existence in Israeli society.



I really liked this film. I thought the script was superb and exceptionally well acted. More over the scripted is a very realistic portrayal of what foreign service is like. It is an exceptional plausible plot as foreign service missions do go wrong and there is usually always a cover up. What is inplausible is Mossad being inefficient.

I doubt I will see the American version of this film because I liked the Israeli version of the film so much.


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