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The Debt 2011

Updated on June 23, 2013

The Debt


The Debt 2011

Although I have see the original The Debt 2007 and swore I would never see the American version of the film, I was curious and broke down and watched it. It was directed by John Madden and although the story lines followed the same themes the movies were very different experiences. I think perhaps because the Israeli film The Debt made in 1997 was in three languages and that gave the movie an entirely different feel.

Second it is very clear that The Debt of 2011 had a much bigger budget then the Israeli film The Debt. The second film also had a lot more action then the original but I think that even though these are the same movies they should be judged independent of each other based on budget, languages, cultural perceptions and action sequences.

Both casts in both movies were outstanding and the performances were very good. But their is the undeniable influence of what the film makers would have us believe Mossad agents are capable of versus what Israel would have the rest of the world perceive Mossad agents were capable of. So The Debt of 2011 has the woman's role a bit more physically aggressive then in the Israeli film.

I thought both films were well worth their ticket price although I would recommend that the films be judged differently since they were created differently even though they are basically the same.

Trailer of The Debt 2011

In Conclusion

Both movies The Debt are well worth seeing. The 1997 Israeli version is exceptional and the American 2011 version is also exceptional. BUt because the films are made for very differnet audiences, with different budgets in different languages. They should be reviewed independent of each other. But no matter which version both movies are well worth the price of admission.


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