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The Definitive List of Tom Hardy's 10 Greatest Film Roles: Band of Brothers to Bane: His Greatest Filmography Collection

Updated on June 2, 2017
Tom Hardy in the film "Mad Max: Fury Road"
Tom Hardy in the film "Mad Max: Fury Road" | Source

About Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is regarded as one of the best British Acting talents of the last decade. Winning the Rising Star Award at the BAFTAs in 2011 after his role in "Inception", he cemented his place in the British hall of fame.

Hardy was born in Hammersmith, London on September 15th, 1977, and after his early childhood went on to attend the Richmond Drama School, before attending the Drama Centre London. After that, the now 39 year old started his film career in 2001, appearing in Ridley Scott's "Black Hawk Down", after a worldly performance in HBO's "Band of Brothers". A few more films cemented his place as a young British talent but at start of 2010 his career picked up and he gained many opportunities to create some of the most iconic roles in British cinematography. Here we delve into our favourite Tom Hardy film roles, and see the effect he had on British and American film.

10 | Band of Brothers

Hardy playing Private John Janovec
Hardy playing Private John Janovec | Source

Although not a film, I couldn't make this list without mentioning it. Hardy played the part of US Army Private John Janovec in this award winning series. He played a semi-major role (no pun intended) and his acting style showed off a charismatic young actor with potential. Shortly after this his film career took off.

9 | The Dark Knight Rises

Hardy's transformation to play the part of Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises"
Hardy's transformation to play the part of Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises" | Source

Portraying an asthmatic tank in Christopher Nolan's final installment of The Dark Knight episodes, Hardy's image was solidified as one of the greats after this performance. His menacing demeanor and downright terrifying tone had viewers on the edge of their seats and his ability to appear as a genuine villain got him nominated for Best Villain and Best Fight at the MTV Movie Awards in 2013

8 | Locke

This polarising film has Hardy driving down the M4 for 90 minutes. I know right. I can't imagine any other actor who could make this film as gripping as he. His ability to carry a feature length film which never leaves the confines of his car made him a big name in cinematography and as his life unravels in this film, his ability to keep the viewer gripped into the story is breathtaking.

7 | The Drop

"The Drop" in my opinion is one of Hardy's most underappreciated films. He plays the part of a reclusive barman with a past. Though his performance dwindles towards the end - his performance takes an otherwise droll part and brings it to life with an air of foreboding, silent evil which constantly sits uneasy with the viewer.

6 | Warrior

Tom Hardy plays a fighter with an agenda in this gripping film
Tom Hardy plays a fighter with an agenda in this gripping film | Source

Playing a hardened Iraq veteran who uses MMA as an exit from his past, Hardy plays this role with passion and conviction and leaves the viewer in a conflicted empathetic state. He won Best Actor for this role at the NFCS Awards in 2012.

5 | Bronson

Hardy plays Charles Bronson in this lower budget Hollywood film. Made in 2008 this is one of Hardy's older roles but this doesn't detract from his brilliance. This role was made for Hardy - out there, frankly weird and a whole lot of brutality lets him explore the side of himself that we love best.

4 | The Revenant

Although the star of this show was undoubtedly DiCaprio, Hardy plays a traitorous backstabber who adds another level of immorality to this gripping film. His cold but enthralling portrayal of John Fitzgerald has you constantly on edge and the film's destiny remains a mystery thanks to his enigmatic character.

3 | Mad Max: Fury Road

Hardy plays a charismatic escapee in this gripping film
Hardy plays a charismatic escapee in this gripping film | Source

This high octane roller-coaster of a film has the viewer gripped over a sandy oily car chase for a couple of hours. But what a film. The outlandishness of this dystopian society gives Hardy a lot of play room for his character - and boy does he deliver. His essential muteness is not an issue - as Hardy makes up for it with his jagged facial expressions and story telling ability through body language - a true masterpiece

2 | Inception

This acid-trip of a film keeps the watcher constantly on edge. Showing a whole other world of dream related crimes, Hardy builds up his rapport with Christopher Nolan and DiCaprio. Again Hardy is second to DiCaprio but he subtly supports him in a charismatic way which could easily go unseen.

1 | Lawless

Hardy plays a brutal Wild Westerner in this drama
Hardy plays a brutal Wild Westerner in this drama | Source

Hardy's greatest film in my opinion. He shows again his love of Midwestern American accents and plays this role with an intensity which goes unparalleled in Hollywood. This Depression-era thriller has us watching Hardy's every move and his dark stare and almost evil demeanor has us edgy throughout

Tom Hardy's Best Films

Thank you for reading our Top 10 Hardy Films. I hope you agree with most of them, if not, I hope you can agree that he is certainly a talent to behold.

Tom Hardy Genres

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