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"The Departed Two" My idea of a Hong Kong police drama remake

Updated on October 9, 2015

First, for all of you who don't know the hit US action drama movie "The Departed" Staring Leonardo Decabrio and Matt Damon, is in fact a remake of a Hong Kong action drama, call. Internal Affair, whose story is literally the same as the US, only the back drop moved from Hong Kong to US.

In the US, they only made one movie. At Hong Kong, the movie have two more sequels. I got an idea to make another movies, base on those sequels. See, if you like the idea.

My idea for The Departed Two

In the Departed One, there was shooting scene where one of the gangsters name Delahunt got shot and was dying on the couch, he secretly told Leonardo Decarbio's character that he gave him the wrong address, while hunting for the mole within the gang, yet, Leo show up at the right address anyway, which prove he is the mole. But he told nobody about the fact, Leo is the mole. In a later scene, on the news, it was reveal Delahunt is in fact an an undercover cop. Which the gang boss Frank Costello dismiss as a police lie to get the gang from chasing after the real mole. In the end of the movie it is reveal the Frank Costello have place more then one mole inside the police force.

My idea goes back to 1993 years ago, to the story of this dead police officer in the Departed One. In the story, Delahunt is the son of a gang boss, who control all of the five major gangs in the city. Delahunt can no longer stand live in a crime family. He left home at the age of eighteen and never see his father again. One year after college, he decided to differentiate from his father, by joining the police academy. Because his father is the most nutritious gang lord in the city. He fear the police force won't take him, so he sign up under a false name. But it was soon found out by one of his teacher in the academy Captain Mark Carpenter, because he lie about his identity with fake ID on his application form and because he is the mob boss' son. Captain Carpenter decided to expel Delahunt from the academy, despite he is a straight A student. Captain Carpenter and Staff Sergeant Queenan (Captain Queenan in Departed One) are best friends and partners in running informer operation to try take down Delahunt's father. Frank Costello, who is the boss of a less powerful regional gang, is one of Staff Sergeant's Queenan's best informer, providing many detail on Delahunt's father's operation, in exchange, Queenan turn a blind eye on Costello's operations, giving the two men, a good working friendship.

After hearing about Delahunt's trying to join the police force. Queenan gave Delahunt an option, to complete his academy training in secret and become an under cover police officer, in his father's gang. Delahunt felt reluctant to go up against his father, at the beginning, but finally decided to do so, after hearing about another murder, related to his father's gang and with Queenan promising the worse that if he bring his father in, he would at most push for life in prison, not the death penalty, Delahunt finally decided to go under cover in his father's gang.

On the other hand, lesbian Penny Sniper had a crush on Costello's wife, Maria, whom is suffer from domestic violence, but is not leaving Costello. Thinking she can save Maria, Penny agree to join the police force to feed information on Costello and his gang, to stay in Maria's life.

Delahunt live with his girl friend April Joan, whom he met in college. Delahunt didn't dare to tell April what is happening. Thinking Delahunt has rejoin the gangster's world, April hide the fact she is pregnant and left Delahunt.

Delahunt's father soon learn of Costello to be the police informer, whom have been feeding information to Queenan and put a price on his head. Queenan therefore placed Costello under protective custody and send him to Australia. Delahunt's father also learn of the information that Queenan used illegal method to force information about his gang, including kidnapping two of his senior lieutenants and then use various torture techniques, include sleep deprivation, beating and cutting of their fingers, to force information out of them. Queenan decide to take full responsibility and plan to resign from the police force, facing a full investigation from internal affair. Carpenter persuaded Queenan not to resign. While walking towards Queenan's car, a car bomb placed by Delahunt's father's gang, aim for retaliation towards Queenan, exploded killing Carpenter. Knowing about the character of Delahunt's father, police internal affair covered for Queenan and destroy evidence. Queenan was promoted to Captain and take over Carpenter's portfolio.

After building a strong enough case against Delahunt's father, Queenan plan to arrest and press charges against Delahunt's father. And bring Costello back to the US. But Delahunt's people working in the air port find out about it and kidnapped Costello.

After hearing of Costello been kidnapped, Maria was eager to do what she can to save his life. Penny, try to persuade Maria not to go and told Maria she love her. Maria threaten to tell Penny how she is Costello's mole, if she don't back off. Heart broken, Penny, grabbed her gun, shot Maria and then shot herself.

Queenan based on the information presented by Delahunt, tracked down Delahunt's father, in a stand off with the cops, Queenan shot Delahunt's father. Delahunt ran to his father's side. Before he died Delahunt's father said, Delahunt accidentally notice the wire Delahunt was wearing, finding out he is an undercover cop, before dying.

This the big five gang all been taken down. Costella is now the most powerful gang lord in the city. Delahunt hate Queenan for killing his father. Delahunt request a transfer to work in another department. But Queenan asked Delahunt to stay for one more case, to help take down Costella. Delahunt reluctantly accepted, saying after this case is complete, he never want to see Queenan again.

The movie then jumped to ten year later, in Delahunt's funeral. His ex girl friend April and he and Delahunt's daughter, Lindzy was at the funeral.

Jack Nicholson as Frank Costello
Jack Nicholson as Frank Costello
Martin Sheen as Staff Serrgeant Queenan and Captain Queenan
Martin Sheen as Staff Serrgeant Queenan and Captain Queenan
Daniel RedCliff as Delahunt
Daniel RedCliff as Delahunt
bridgit mendler as April
bridgit mendler as April
rachel mcadams as Penny Sniper
rachel mcadams as Penny Sniper
cobie smulders as maria
cobie smulders as maria
kelsey grammer as Captain Carpenter
kelsey grammer as Captain Carpenter
Bruce Wills as Delahunt's father
Bruce Wills as Delahunt's father


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