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The Destruction That Irma Left Behind

Updated on September 14, 2017


As we all know, hurricane Irma has had a big impact on Islands and states towards the Atlantic ocean. It started off small and grew bigger, and bigger. When it hit the state of Florida, it went down to a tropical storm, but still deadly. It has left a lot of destruction and flooding in Florida. Hurricane Irma was very deadly.

News Forecast of Irma, 2017
News Forecast of Irma, 2017

Before Hurricane Irmas Arrival

As Hurricane Irma began to approach millions of Floridians began to prepare. Stores quickly sold out of water, generators, and canned food. Many Floridians down south quickly evacuated. Many hotels offered discounts and for people to bring their pets. Not so many people up north had to evacuate.

Empty Shelf at Store
Empty Shelf at Store

Irma's Arrival

When Irma approached Florida, many people were devastated down south. There was flooding and horrible winds! The wind caused a lot of destruction from ripping roofs off of buildings, to knocking trees over. As Irma approached the Jacksonville area, there was still a lot of flooding in certain places. Several people were not lucky and could not escape. The death toll is currently 69.

Irma's Aftermath

This storm caused millions of people in Florida to lose power and they were not happy about it. People were getting impatient on how we saw no JEA trucks helping out. There are still thousands of Floridians without power. Many people returned home and found their homes trashed, or even ruined. These people may have nowhere to go. Luckily we have tons of people helping out the state of Florida.

There are many ways to help Floridian's out from Irma's destruction!

There are many ways to help out Floridians. People are donating food and money, offering people places to stay, and much more!

Death toll in hurricanes

Irma's Death Toll
Andrew's Death Toll
Katrina's Death Toll


As we can conclude, Irma was very deadly and destructive. It took the lives of at least 69 people. It left chaos around Florida and everywhere else that was impacted.


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