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The Disney Vault

Updated on March 20, 2015
The Disney Vault is a technique of releasing films every ten years to create excitement (and sales) when a film is re-released.
The Disney Vault is a technique of releasing films every ten years to create excitement (and sales) when a film is re-released. | Source

Since the 1930s Walt Disney has released over 200 films. Each of us have our favorite films from our childhood (or adulthood) and have searched to find copies to show our friends and children. Have you ever experienced difficulty when trying to find your favorite Disney film? If so this is probably because of the Disney Vault. The purpose of the Disney Vault is to re-release certain Disney films for two reasons; to create excitement (and a new audience) for the films and to make a profit.

Sharing the magic with new generations

The Disney classics will always be available for purchase. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released in 1937 and believe me it's not going anywhere. In order for films to become classics in a new world of technology, Disney believes re-releasing films every seven to ten years will create a way for families to rediscover their magic. Do you remember the first film you watched in theaters? Younger families have the opportunity to take their children to their first Disney film- the same film they first experienced as a child.

It's all about the money

When films are released every seven to ten years there are less copies that can be purchased. After a few years patrons will be willing to pay more for the film since it's something they consider to be "rare." Once a film is released from the Disney Vault record numbers of sales are set again and Disney gains all the profit like they're releasing a new film. With technology changing Disney has also started releasing special editions, platinum and diamond editions. The special editions are re-released in DVD or Blu-Ray formats. Platinum editions are 2-disc DVDs with more bonus features and Diamond editions are sold in 3-disc sets (2 Blu Ray and one DVD).


The Disney Vault is also filled full of controversy. Many have argued that withholding Disney films for up to ten years is not because they care about families experiencing films together, but only to create a profit. Years before the internet was popular people would pay over $70.00 to own a film. Disney wouldn't make this profit, but it suggests that when a film is released it will sell. With such options as Amazon and Ebay the access to every Disney film is now an option, regardless of its next scheduled release date. Another interesting point is that not all Disney classics are in the Vault. Films that were co-created with other producers such as Pixar are not subject to being placed in the Vault.


Films currently in the vault

The films that are currently placed in the vault are subject to change at any time and can be re-released earlier or later than scheduled.

If you're interested in purchasing a film that is not on this list (and having a hard time finding it at your local stores) visit the Disney Website.


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