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The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Updated on March 30, 2016
1 star for Alliegant Review:

A common thread has accorded over a somewhat short history of Hollywood and its made a certain genre almost impossible to stomach. What is this trend you may formally ask? Well my friend...this trend is simple. Terribly made young adult movies. From Eragon to Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, YA movies haven't had the most successful run at critical acclaim or even box-office sales. This is especially the case when the top 17 grossing young adult movies have been only either Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or Twilight. Out of those three, Harry Potter is the only film series to never get lower score than a 70% on Rotten Tomatoes. It seems that the formula of these films have been getting tiresome and repetitive. Critics of this newer genre have pointed out similarities throughout these films; especially in the last five years. So much similarities that they feel like copying, ripping off, or even rehashing better made films/books. The critics aren't far off and it comes to the point where the genre needs to die. It needs to die for the time being, until it shuts down forever.

Allegiant takes place in yet another Dystopian society that was once forced to be in factions. These factions were always divided and always wanted power from the ones in control. Now Tris is ready to go past the wall and find out who's been running this operation for years. For 200 years they've been stuck in this bubble with nothing to look forward to besides a rebellion. Now that Evelyn has taken over, Four’s mom, she's starting to put people on trial. This trial includes Tris's bother brother Caleb and majority of the trials have led to death. So they're in search for a new hope and find it in the form of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. This place is almost like a watchtower for the city of Chicago and basically controls it. Though this sanctuary isn't what it seems and could harm everyone and everything back in Chicago. Can Tris stop David, the head person at the Bureau, before he harms the city that she loves?

The main problem with DA is the plot and characters/acting. The acting isn't helped by some terrible and horrendous dialogue. Dialogue that are unbearably laughable. The movie is trying to held up by these characters because majority of them are about giving the character info on this new "city". Though the characters are so oblivious to the situation that a connection with them is almost non-existent the further the movie progresses. Some are walking clichés, some are just there for a non-factor, and some even are annoying that they should be non-factors. Also, the character’s trust in certain people is way too high. These characters have shown consistent flip-flopping from bad to good to bad again. The acting doesn't help as the actors themselves seem to simply go stale throughout the movie. Even the veterans seem to not be invested as they're lines are given without any real weight. They never seem to be in danger, because there's no really any danger. The threat is this slow-moving device that's not even going to kill anyone. Some "heart-breaking" moments had the theaters rolling with laughter because they're so poorly executed by either dialogue, delivery, etc. These scenes will pull the audience out of what could have been good moments in the film.

The inconsistencies in the plot are also really noticeable. Characters are able to get to one place or another without detection and arrive before someone who left before them. David (the head person at the Bureau) always seems to make decisions that don't make sense, like trying to wipe out the memories of people so they can put a faction system in place once again. The same faction system that failed before because it alienates people from each other. People then can't agree, resulting in the same outcome. They even accomplish this ignorant premise inside the Bureau itself, with the splitting of people who are "pure" and those who are "damaged". With only one being pure in the first place. This is even after some of the damaged are part Divergent. Four decides to trust the people that just killed people and the cliché "people aren't who they are" and "trust in a person leads to the 'almost death' of a person cliché”. Lazy screenwriting is involved in simple things like a conflict between the main characters. They have to have some tension between the two leads because there's really nothing to fear anymore. This goes back to the first point with the pure people and damaged people. This divide creates wrinkles between the group of friends. Stupid decisions throughout will lead to people either getting caught or dead. For example, Tori's character being killed because they stood on top of the wall for too long, while starring into the open wasteland.

These easily fixed inconsistencies with the plot aren't helped by the direction either. Some parts might be intense that frizzle out. Some moments of real emotional depth are left out for some cliché dialogue. Even scenes of characters making smart decisions, are interrupted by another stupid decision. No real thought or effort was put into this movie. It's just another crash grab for those fans of the series who want to cling on for dear life. The positives are clearly outweighed by the negatives. These positives are also swiftly met with negatives within minutes from each other. Characters don't live up to their full potential and somewhat create a layer of ignorance upon themselves. Some great moments like the no hope scenario are just panned over by a CGI infested chase sign. The CGI budget seemed to dimmer a lot in this one with more CGI. That means that it completely gets worse throughout the series. Some green screen backgrounds are easily noticeable and also aren't even somewhat blurry. This creates a disconnect from the movie with no ability to ever bring the audience back.

Overall, The Divergent Series: Allegiant might not even sit well with fans of the franchise. It won't certainty help in drawing in those who aren't fans already. Non-fans will be forced away with spotty dialogue, some almost cliche/cringe-worthy performances, and major plot-holes/inconsistencies. I recommend not adventuring out to see this one, even fans of the series.



Have the book series been given justice? Or are they just overrated stories?
Have the book series been given justice? Or are they just overrated stories? | Source

Five steps on how the Divergent series could have been better?

1. Could have killed off Jeanine when you had the chance.

  • This would have put real people in power before they would have died. The postponed death only caused others to hate on her even more. This created sides in the war for dominance.

2. Got someone to create good dialogue.

  • The dialogue created laughable parts, which in turn made the franchise into a laughing stock. The actors didn't help but there are a lot of talent in this movie. Vetrans like Kate Winslet couldn't help the dialogue. They were able to do it with Double Indemnity, they can do it with this movie.

3. Got a talented young director

  • Both directors have had some spotty pasts and the highlights weren't ever great. A talented director, and not an established director, would have stayed true to the source material while also giving a good spin on the franchise.

4. Never hired Miles Teller

  • Wrong casting choice here. He was more whiny than sarcastic, which I think they were hoping for. Miles is talented but seemed to be out of his element with these movies.

5. Better Villains

  • Each villains was easily defeated and never a real threat. They get into power and never do much with it. Not that the actor weren't great but their characters weren't

What's your favorite movie in the franchise so far?

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Best to Wort: Divergent series

My List of the series
Letter Grad
None of the Divergent movies have been good. They've been plagued by the same things throughout the franchise. Bad plots, dialogue, screenplay, and acting.


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      2 years ago from Rochester Hills

      Thanks. Didn't notice I put it wrong

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      2 years ago

      They live in factions, not fractions...


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