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The Double Standards and Hypocrisy of CNN's Fake News Craze

Updated on February 19, 2017

After weeks of the liberal media and establishment powers that be pushing false narratives, exaggerations, and distortions of the truth, the press finally got what it had been demanding. It came in the form of newly elected President Donald Trump publicly humiliating those screaming for accountability, despite pining over Obama for eight blissfully blind years of selective reporting. But what's there really to say if you've seen it? Well let's take a look.

Trump's press conference... More like throw down and shellacking of the dishonest media that continues to double down on its disconnect with the average American was a win for those tired of the corrupt political ruling class and "news" networks. The elitists' hate, gloating, and angst were near palpable in the aftermath, while conservatives, Trump supporters, and patriots were finally given a voice as their suppressed views with these biased babies were fully expressed (and satisfyingly dramatic at that...).

Although there were a number of ridiculous comments and questions posed by these untrusted "reporters" (seriously though, check out the latest polling data...) during the press conference, I am going to focus on one particular exchange. Trump not only owned the entire hour and any who attempted to openly challenge him and his administration, but completely humiliated CNN's Jim Acosta. While probably obvious, I think this one line is the most telling and sums up this pinhead's misplaced egotistical outlook and those of the network he represents.

Yep, CNN's rather brash (and unjustifiably so...) White House correspondence actually went down said road when posing this to the President on live TV:

"Aren't you concerned, sir, that you are undermining the people's faith in the First Amendment, freedom of the press, the press in country, when you call stories you don't like fake news? Why not just say it's a story I don't like?"


First off, I find it hard to believe the level of arrogance being displayed by these losers, who are so incredibly bad at their jobs that they would have been fired with their success rate in nearly any other profession. In the face of such mass failings and disgraceful condescension during the election, you would have thought these media personality clowns and equally as inept political "experts" would have realized that ignorantly living in the liberal bubble does not reflect the majority of Americans.

Breaking down the quote, I can better address the serious degrees of ludicrousness being declared by Acosta, so now the first sliver:

"Aren't you concerned, sir, that you are undermining the people's faith in the First Amendment, freedom of the press, the press in country, when you call stories you don't like fake news?..."

How is Trump undermining the people's faith, when these shameless hacks have lower trust ratings than the president (unable to crack 22% between media platforms)? Much to the media's dismay, it isn't Trump that has eroded peoples' trust in the "news" outlets. Perhaps they should do some self examinations and postmortems, after that pathetic display of partisan-centric prediction during the election. As far as the cable network he works for goes, here's just to name a few:

  • CNN all but publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton during the election
  • Their commentators and personalities disproportionately ran negative coverage of Trump, compared to Hillary, and continue to do so
  • They were so out of touch with the common plight of the average American that they were completely blindsided on election night, despite assertions of a "historic Clinton victory"
  • CNN ran with a false and unverified article released by BuzzFeed, publishing and pushing the very "fake news" they claim to oppose (not the first, or last since...)


Now let's analyze the latter portion of Acosta's hypocritical point, for it is an atrocious double standard of near Obama-level proportions.

"...when you call stories you don't like fake news? Why not just say it's a story I don't like?"

Do I even really need to extrapolate on this nonsense? Is this not exactly, word-for-word, what CNN and the other pompous mainstream providers, politicians, and ideologues do?

Take Breitbart News for instance, a smaller news outlet still in its infancy, that is immediately dismissed by the left as "fake news," in spite of successfully predicting Brexit, the primaries, and the general election with far greater accuracy than any of the old guard. Yet, CNN and others like it still label Breitbart, the Daily Caller, The Drudge Report, and other conservative outlets as purveyors of fake news, largely limited to reasons of disagreement over political position.

Quite ironic when Breitbart was recently revealed to be the twenty-ninth most trafficked website in the United States (losing only to CNN and the New York Times, but beating out Fox News, Huffington Post, and The Washington Post - you know, "real news" sources...).

What CNN designates as "fake news" typically comes down to a dislike of what is being presented or the writer's political viewpoint, nothing more. Period. So yeah, it is incredibly insulting and unacceptable for someone like Mr. Acosta to accuse President Trump of labeling CNN as "fake news," when the network has proven time and time again to be a peddler of falsifications. This creates two problems for his argument:

  1. As a representative of CNN, Jim Acosta looks extremely hypocritical as they have been caught and outed for publishing fake news for "not liking them..."
  2. Only reinforces President Trump's point that he is simply calling the "news" organization as he see's it for spreading phony stories, with the intent of damaging the new administration's credibility. Maybe it's not that President Trump, "doesn't like," the stories, but rather is feeling the frustration and distrust of many Americans that truth be damned, anything to further the liberal cause, ends justify the means...

But you needn't take my commentary or word for it... As always, I encourage everyone to actually keep up to date with the current happenings and form their own opinions on the matter (as opposed to what corrupt elitists deem it necessary for you to think...) See for yourself:

Is CNN still a reliable news source?

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    • My Two Pennies profile imageAUTHOR

      My Two Pennies 

      23 months ago from United States

      Not sure why your comment was initially marked as spam Jakes51, but I approved. Valid points.

    • Jakes51 profile image

      Nicole Jakes 

      23 months ago from Denver, CO

      I think the fault for the problems with the media is a culmination of mistakes by many people. To solely blame one person/group is ignorant.

      The merging of multiple media outlets in recent years (10-20) has certainly created a one-sided view of things. Where there used to be a plethora of different liberal and a plethora of different conservative viewpoints on a single topic, there is now only a few. There is no longer a great system of checks and balances to keep everyone a little more honest and in line with the truth.

      Ignorance on the part of the public can also be blamed. Many people no longer know what a reliable news source is and their Facebook feed is filled with shared and sponsored stories that are largely hyperbole. Only getting their news from one source is a problem - although to be fair, many people will check multiple sources and never realize that the sources are all owned by the same company and they're really getting the same story reworded.

      Finally, yes, the media is also to blame for taking advantage of the public with their shock and awe headlines. I get frustrated when speculations take up the first several lines where the "meat" and facts of the story are supposed to live.

      So, really, it's a collective effort on everyone's part for letting things get this far out of control with the media.

    • My Two Pennies profile imageAUTHOR

      My Two Pennies 

      23 months ago from United States

      "They will gladly take any story regardless of any truth and make it political" - Sanctuary, try to even begin to make the case that CNN is not doing just that. They label what they disagree with as "fake news" and do nothing but bash the new administration. You're actually reinforcing my argument and looking quite "angry" in the process. I have provided my evidence, using their very words, care to provide yours? Or is this just ranting because you disagree? You do realize that you are in the minority defending such corruption, as the majority of Americans no longer trust the mainstream media, based on a number of recent polls, so your confidence to the contrary is ineffective at asserting otherwise.

      "Half the stories they tell you do not even pass any credibility." - would you please provide evidence of this. Whose credibility? Yours? That's fine... I think as educated adults we can make up our own minds, without you, Facebook, or the government determining what news should be deemed fake or real... I know the left likes to suppress free ideas that contradict their warped narrative, but I am capable of reading and making that determination on my own.

      I am unaware of any stories that Brietbart had to retract or back peddle due to inaccuracy. Again, evidence or just more misinformation that these establishment outlets count on the misinformed to spread?

      CNN on the other hand has had its fair share they had to back peddle on, including the widely unsubstantiated and discredited BuzzFeed hit piece they willfully pushed. Not to mention, as cited in this article, Breitbart was far more accurate with the primaries, general election, and Brexit than any of the elitist hacks you're blindly defending at CNN.

      Pretty sure I read a variety of sources (never once referencing Fox News, although liberals love defaulting to that...) every day from a multitude of outlets, so I fail to see how everyone else is "garbage" just because I no longer believe Clinton News Network to be a factual source. I look forward to seeing your examples of why "half the stories [Breitbart's] stories they tell... do not even pass credibility." Or are you just part of the spread of misinformation and wild accusation (hmmm, kind of like how CNN reports - unsubstantiated, assumptions, and feelings...)?

    • profile image


      23 months ago

      If you do not like CNN then go watch Fox news. Go listen to Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and get on with Brietbart. If you want slanted news their are plenty of them. They will gladly take any story regardless of any truth and make it political. They will gladly label anyone a radical or a Liberal. They will do this with out ever asking anyone if they are. They will claim this should make you so angry. Half the stories they tell you do not even pass any credibility. If you think CNN is bias then go get lied to on another channel. I was very satisfied by how much you cried about CNN. What are you going to do when it is the truth and you find out that you were dumb enough to believe all that other garbage?


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