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The Egyptian Cinema

Updated on July 20, 2010

The Egyptian Cinema is considered to be one of the most oldest studios in the world and to be one the biggest three studios to launch films annually in the world after Hollywood and Bollywood.

though the Egyptian films is very lazy and cheap, has no sense or logic. Directors are a machines of money, they do anything for money..whatever the film star want, or whatever the financier want..they don't seem to have any vision at all except a very little ones of them, 

actors are not that good except some of the oldest ones..the recent actors are very easily takers..don't know why but they don't put any effort at all acting..they don't even try to change the way they look between every role and another.

the only thing that seems to be interesting is the actresses..they are very beautiful and talented though they don't get their luck of good scripts because there's no good writers those days.

Mai Ez-Eldin is one of those be -in my opinion the hottest Egyptian actress ever

sexy mai
sexy mai


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