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The Empire’s Stormtroopers are Horrible Shooters

Updated on November 29, 2017
Photo by JD Handcock
Photo by JD Handcock | Source

You know what is really horrible about the Star Wars movies? What is horrible is the fact that the Empire is supposed to be this evil Nazi-looking regime, but their soldiers, stormtroopers, are horrible shooters.

If you watch the first three movies, episodes V-VI, stormtroopers never hit anything! Every single good guy in those movies survives major onslaughts of lasers that are shot by stormtroopers.

The only time when stormtroopers kick butt is in the very beginning of the episode IV, when they infiltrate a rebel ship to capture Princess Leia. But after that, forget about it!

Also, these highly trained soldiers stand in the hallway to shoot instead of taking cover to shoot at their enemies. Seriously! These guys stand in the open when they get into firefights. Check out the movies, and you will see what I’m talking about.

If I was Emperor Palpatine, I would require better training for the stormtroopers. Perhaps, go back to the same training the clones received. Those guys kicked ass! Too bad they shot at droids all the time!

Now, for the stormtroopers in the new movie, The Force Awakens, they kick ass! I guess the First Order finally got things done right with the training of their forces. Another thing, stormtroopers in the movie Rogue One are not bad either. However, in Rogue One, those stormtroopers belong to the Empire not the First Order. Anyway…….


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