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The End of The Vampire Diaries

Updated on December 29, 2016

The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural TV series that airs on the CW Network. The show's pilot episode aired September 10, 2009 and has continued for 8 seasons. It has been stated that the 8th season will be the last, this as caused many fans to be heartbroken, as they have welcomed Stephen and Damon Salvatore into their homes on a weekly bases.

The Vampire Diaries started as a book series of the same title, written by L.J. Smith. The popular books were developed into a TV series by Julie Peck and Kevin Williamson and has taken the nation by storm. With the pilot episode bringing in 3.60 million viewers, the Vampire diaries began with a bang. The mysterious twists and turns, along with the vampire/human romances throughout the series has kept fans hooked for many years. It doesn't hurt that the two main vampire's are so hot they are drool worthy, fangs and all.

Stephen Salvatore

Stephen (Paul Wesley) was turned into a vampire in the year 1864, at the young age of 17. He still has his humanity and has feelings of compassion and innocents. However, in the 1920's he turned off his humanity and became known as the "Ripper." He had no remorse for those he killed, he left a wake of destruction in his path and never thought twice about his victims.

By the time Stephen was a 160 year old vampire, he become more wise and tried to let go of the Ripper mentality and only feeds on animal blood. He returned to his family's home town of Mystic falls and took residence in the Salvatore boarding house, which was ran by his uncle, Zac. Stephen enrolled in high school, trying his best to fit in and not be known as a vampire. That's when he met, Elena Gilbert, and innocent, teenage girl morning the recent loss of both of her parents due to a car accident. Stephen is infatuated with Elena, as she looks identical to his former love, Katherine Pierce. It is Stephen's desire to get to know Elena and keep the fact that he is a vampire a secret.

Damon Salvatore

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is Stephen's brother. Damon is very manipulative and self-centered. He returns to Mystic Falls and confronts he brother he hasn't seen in many years. Once he sets his sights on Elena, he immediately realizes why Stephen has returned to his hometown. The relationship between Damon and his brother is strained, to say the least. Damon holds a grudge against Stephen, as it was Stephen who turned him into a vampire as well in 1864.

Damon is a threat to Stephen, as he feeds on human blood and Stephen is afraid the town folk will realize vampires have returned, due to all the killings Damon has caused in his short time back in Mystic Falls.

Stephen & Elena

Stephen befriends Elena (Nina Dobrev), trying hard not to reveal his true identity. In time, the two fall in love and become inseparable. Elena's best friend, Bonnie Bennett has bad vibes about Stephen and expresses her concerns. Elena feels Stephen has nothing to hide and she just feels this way because he hasn't taken the time to get to know him. Against Bonnie's best judgment, she tries her best to step up and spend more time round Stephen.

After dating for quite some time, Elena begins to notice strange things about Stephen, especially unexplained occurrences that happen in his presence. She eventually finds out Stephen is a vampire and visits his house to confront him. With no other choice, Stephen must reveal his true self and he begs her to give it time for her to get to know the real him, as well as keep his secret. If his secret is exposed, he would be killed.

The Vampire Diaries Facts & Trivia

  • The pilot episode was filled in British Columbia
  • Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev dated in real life
  • Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) is a Swiss Born American
  • Damon is reading "Fifty Shades of Grey" in season 8 episode 1
  • The Salvatore Brothers were almost named the Whitmore Brothers
  • Paul Wesley had to audition 15 times before he landed the role of Stephen
  • Nina Dobrev portrayed two different characters, "Elena and Katherine"
  • Blood on the show was made of peppermint oil, corn syrup and food coloring

More Cast & Characters

Candice King- Caroline Forbes

Michael Trevino- Tyler Lockwood

Zach Roerig- Matt Donovan

Steven R. McQueen- Jeremy Gilbert

Matthew Davis- Alaric Saltzman

Marguerite MacIntyre - Sheriff Liz Forbes

For a complete list of cast and crew, please visit

The Last Season

The Vampire Diaries have become a household name. With season 8 ending the show, fans will always remember the great plots, twists and love triangles the cast brought alive to our TV screens every week. This series has will forever be in the hearts and minds of true fans across the world. It's been a good, long run Vampire Diaries! Let's hope we can see the actors and actresses we fell in love with in other works throughout Hollywood!


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