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The EnterPAINment Industry: Jack Nicholson

Updated on February 12, 2019
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Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, copywriter, and song writer.


JACK NICHOLSON was born to a showgirl and a showman in Neptune, New Jersey. His birth year is April 22, 1937. His father deceived his mother. She married him and had no clue that he was already in a marriage. His mom was only seventeen when he was born. Since she was young, her parents stepped in to raise little Jack. They even made Jack think they are his parents. They also made him think his mother was was his sister. The family started in his birthplace. Jack always displayed signs of being a funny man through out his neighborhood. Once he got to high school it became clearer. He was known as Nick in school. He really was a class clown. Throughout high school he was always in trouble. Despite his troubles, the career ahead of him was noticeable. He joined the theatre and drama club. After graduation, he joined the military. He trained to be in the air Force and to be a firefighter. He spent some time in Berlin to assist them in the crises of 1961. A year later, he was discharged. Neptune and Spring Lake were the start of his life but Manasquan, New Jersey was the start of his career.

He Acts like a Writer Very Well

Despite the military experience, he needed to develop the experience he needed to be an actor. So he took an offer to be around those with it. He worked in the office of MGM cartoon studios. Shortly after, he was offered a position. The offer was tempting but he wanted to act. So, he started training for it. He started performing on stage. Shortly after, he was featured on TV soap operas. He was a part of many T.V shows. The most notable is THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW (1966-1967). Nicholson did anything in the field to be known as an actor. Sadly, his attempts seemed worthless. He had small roles in historic films and one was THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (1960) During that same time, he was discouraged. He thought it was best to resign from being behind the camera. He started to write screenplays. He wrote THUNDER ISLAND (1963), He wrote an impressive scrip for the 1967 film THE TRIP. He later joined the writers for the movie HEAD (1968). Three years later, he wrote DRIVE, HE SAID (1971). He wrote THE TWO JAKESES (1990). After a hiatus just writing he started acting again. This time, it was in movies. He played the role as THE JOKER in the movie BATMAN (1989). A FEW GOOD MEN (1992), WOLF (1992), MARS ATTACKS! (1996), ANGER MANAGEMENT (2003) and his most recent is THE BUCKET LIST (2007). Nicholson has acted in over 50 films and has written multiple ones. He acts like a writer very well.

EVIL Genius

When it comes to acting, you are asked to do about anything. Some go with your beliefs and some do not. If you say yes to it, you must adapt. Jack Nicholson did just that during his career. In basically all of his films his roles seemed to be dark. For example, the film THE TERROR (1963). In the film he was seen to be very evil and scary. The way he played that role made many thinks that he just maybe born to do it. In 1989’s batman. He was the villain THE JOKER in the film. A crazy but smart maniac that was envious towards the hero. Nicholson nailed the role. His performance was superb. When many see him today that’s one of the roles he is remembered by. 3 years after the joker role, he mentioned in an issue of VANITY FAIR that he does not believe in GOD. He seemed to be happy about it. In 1994 he played an angry live action wolf. In his most recent one in 2006 he played a ruthless gangster. The film is called THE DEPARTED. Some say he was born to do it and his looks prove it. The Joker is one of the most iconic roles in his career. The guy is an evil genius.

Unstable Love Life

His first and only marriage was to SANDRA KNIGHT. She did not see his evil personality as a problem. She saw he was making money, so she gave him a chance. After dating, Nicholson and Knight tied the knot in 1962. A year after the wedding, they had a daughter named Jennifer. The couple and their daughter seemed happy together in public but there were issues behind closed doors. In 1968, they shocked the world. It was all out. The couple divorced. Soon after, he started dating actress SUSAN ANSPACH. The two had a sexual encounter that produced his second child in 1984. Nothing came of the couple other than the child. He was in an of and on relationship with another actress, REBECCA BROUSARD, at the same time. The result of their union were two beautiful children. At this point he was not looking for marriage. He was getting into trouble. That same year he had a lawsuit for assault After apologizing to the victim, he settled it. His children gave him a sense of happiness he was looking for. He gives them the love that he was never given. He did not want his career to get in the way. When he saw the success, his kids saw it. He loved all of his kids but his love life could be summed up in one word. That word is UNSTABLE.


Jack Nicholson is a Hollywood legend. He has retired from making movies. During his retirement, he has eliminated himself from the party scenes. In the past he has had a significant number of lovers. Nicholson has earned the title as the playboy of the industry. He has the children to prove it. At 81, he has a 26-year-old son. After many years away from the spotlight, it was confirmed at a Lakers game. In the past, that is where he was often seen. His attempt to return to movies was delayed. He is one of the greatest actors to be on a movie screen but the fact that he promoted evil behavior could not go unnoticed. Some of the his most iconic roles were evil.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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