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The EnterPAINment Industry: Janet Jackson

Updated on April 25, 2020
Ryan Cornelius profile image

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, sportswriter, copywriter, and song writer.


She's the youngest talent in the family.
& Joe Jackson knew that she will be.

A sensation like her brothers.
In fact, she maybe better.

Cause she had what they didn't.
Slowly but surely she was showing it.

She often displayed the GOOD TIMES.
Before we knew, she was on the rise.

She started her career acting.
On a famous sitcom as Penny.

She starred in other sitcoms.
Little Janet was versatile.

Since seven, she was on T.V.
But the music could not be,

It could not be ignored.
While growing, she did it more.

She signed with A&M records
From then on, she was iconic.

She only released 10 albums.
& lived the dream that her brothers.

Nations saw her beyond her fame.
& her brothers paved the golden way.


Despite her brothers being entertainers, they were not her main source of inspiration. According to Janet, it was Lena Horne. Horne inspired generations. She said that Horne has opened doors and she was one of the artists that walked in it. Jackson idolized music icon Dorothy Dandridge. She was a huge fan of Joni Mitchell, but her hero was Tina Turner. Turner was not only her hero, she was the hero of many more. Jackson feels that Turners music will never leave her. Her brother was one of the hottest acts in the industry, but she fought hard for the world to see her as her own person. She did not want interviewers to mention her brother Michael when they spoke to her. After a while, they knew not to do it. In 1995, she did a song with her brother called SCREAM. She forced her unique ID on the industry. She emerged as a superstar in her own right.

Love Life

Janet Jackson not only started music and acting early, she also fell in love early. It was too early. She was said to be married to James Defarge at 18 years old in 1984 but a year later, that marriage was annulled. Jackson wed again in 1991 to Rene Elizondo Jr. After eight years of secrecy, the marriage fell apart. The couple was initially divorced in 2000. Jackson seemed to have bad luck when it came to marriages, so she held back on dating until super-producer Jermaine Dupri stepped up to the plate. They dated off and on for about ten years. The fans wished it would become more but it did not. In 2010, Jackson may have met the last one. Businessman Wissam Al Mana. They started dating and became privately engaged. The couple looked forward to building a family with one another. In 2016, they got their chance when Janet informed the world that she was expecting. Janet had her first child in 2017. Sadly, they too divorced. Janet Jackson is a great entertainer, but she is not when it comes to love. Despite an unstable love life, she conquered her self esteem.

Inner Pain

In the middle of the lights on the stage and on the movie scenes, Janet was suffering. Suffering from depression and anxiety. Instead of taking a hiatus because of her struggles, it was used for another album. In 1997, she released the VELVET ROPE. The album basically explained how everyone desires to belong. This album was a much more revealing. Janet’s image even changed. Her hair was red. Her nose was pierced, and she had tattoos. This was a side that her fans never seen but it did sell the album. The album received awards and honors from all over the world. Many thought it all was an act, but it wasn’t. Something was wrong with Janet and the industry used it for their gain.


Janet Jackson saw each of her brothers make a name for themselves in the music industry and she wanted to do the same. Since she was a child she had intentions. Her father did too. He seemed to have wanted to be known for more than just music and Janet’s acting, and singing was the way. Her legacy is set but after reading about her love life and her battles it proves that Janet is dealing with something that has been ignored for a while. She was never helped. Instead, she was pushed into something she may not have wanted and that is singing. She initially desired to become a horse racing jockey or an entertainment lawyer that will support themselves through acting. She desired to entertain in a different way. In response, she came into this with a lot of pain and her gifts hid it. She is the youngest and may have been forced to live up to the hype of the Jackson family instead of just being what she wanted to be.

Do you think Janet wanted to do something different?

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© 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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