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The EnterPAINment Industry: Lauryn Hill

Updated on January 27, 2019
Ryan Cornelius profile image

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, copywriter, and song writer.


Hill was born in New Jersey in 1975. Her parents were very strict about education. She is the only girl to the two and the youngest child. Her and her family spent little time in New Jersey, Along with education, her family was very oriented when it came to music. Her mom played piano and her dad sang. She was surrounded by music. Growing up, she listened to Gladys Knight, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin. While she was young, she decided to walk in her father’s footsteps after seeing him on stage. In middle school, she sang the star-spangled banner before her school basketball game. She then started to be recognized. Her recognition encouraged her to audition for the SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO. She was going on the big stage. In front of hundreds. Despite her beautiful voice, she received a harsh reaction from the crowd. That response led her to tears. After persevering, she stepped on a different stage in high school. She became involved in other activities, but she could not get away from the music and entertainment. She began to take multiple classes to perfect her craft. Hill not only was singing, she was rapping and acting as well. Soon after, her and some friends formed a group of their own called the FUGEES.

Happily Ever After

Hill and Jean, one of the group members, began getting romantically involved. Soon after, the group signed a contract with Columbia/Ruffhouse Records. Things started kind of slow with the group, but it was not to Lauryn Hill fans. She was the highlight of the group and they wanted her to go solo. Things with the group soon picked up. They were a success, but Hill was focused on what was happening in the nation. She saw a need and wanted to do something. She founded the REFUGEE PROJECT in 1996 to help transform their lives. That same year, she met Rohan Marley and began a relationship with him behind that group members back. Little did she know, Jean she was romantically involved was doing the same thing. In 1997 her group the Fugees blamed her for it. They both later found the truth. Neither od of them were loyal. While Jean was involved with Hill, he was dating someone else. Jean and his date soon were married. Hill was pregnant with Marley’s child and in August 1997, they had the child and named him Zion David. They lived happily ever after in Lauryn Hill’s childhood home in South Orange, New Jersey.


She went solo like her fans wanted and not one of them regret it. In doing so, she had three more children and she seemed to have developed an edge about herself that was noticeable. She had her website, her family, her organization and a lot more going for herself. Hill was large and, in a position, to help others as well. In 2004, she decided to help some old friends. She was at a party in Brooklyn, New York and the Fugees were called on stage. She sung her hit KILLING ME SOFTLY. They started appearing more and decided to go on tour. Sadly, the tour did not even last and again. It was said that Hill was making some ridiculous commands to the band and the members. She was also said to have been tardy to practice a lot. Hill was blamed for the break up. She started touring alone and the response she got while doing it were mixed. She sometimes was booed of stage. Hill continued to do music despite being pregnant with her 5th child. In early 2008, that child was born but when many did not see the father like they usually did, they began to speculate that Hill and Marley separated.


Hill had 5 kids from Marley. She thought he was her husband even though they never were married. What she thought was happily ever after really wasn’t. While Marley was young he was married but by 2003, it was confirmed that Marley was never really divorced. For the second time in her life, she was the woman on the side. This time, she had no other to go to but her mom. Around 2003, she moved in with her mother. After 15 years the two decided to part ways. In 2011, she gave birth to a sixth child, but the father is not really known. With her long list of relationship failures, there were many conspiracies floating around. Her current relationship status is unknown. The fact that she had six kids to take care of began to sink in. She was forced to step away from the music for a while. That resulted in not much money coming in. In June of the next year, she was charged with three counts of tax fraud. She failed to file taxes on $1.8 million of income earned between 2005 and 2007. Lauryn Hill was sentenced to 3 months in prison and 3 months house arrest.


Hill went in the industry thinking that things will always be happily ever after. She got the money. Founded an organization and she bought her mother a house. To add to her wonderful life, she also had a stable man but after her 5th child things changed. She closed her nonprofit organization; her touring was sporadic, and her love life was getting rocky again. She learned Marley was married before meeting her and he was never really divorced and that took a while. After 15 years, the two decided to part ways. With her long list of relationship failures, she had to deal with the conspiracies. She neglected doing what she needed to for herself for years and it took a sixth child for her to wake up. It seemed a little late. She faced prison time therefore but came out a new person. Hill was released from prison a few days earlier because of good behavior in October 4, 2013. Upon being out, she was still on house arrest. While she was incarcerated, she was working on her music. She did a song called CONSUMERISM and released it as soon as she got out. She is still working now but she is also informing other artists about the dangers of the music industry.

© 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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