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The EnterPAINment Industry: Michael Jackson

Updated on May 10, 2020
Ryan Cornelius profile image

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, sportswriter, copywriter, and song writer.


The eighth child of a talented family.
By working class parents in Gary.

​Gary Indiana. They both played instruments.
Before Micheal, they decided to tie it.

​To tie it to the family.
Young Micheal started singing.

​So He and his siblings.
Became idols in the industry.

​Despite success, he did not get along.
With the man that he knew was his on.

His on father. He felt unloved.
But he found things to give the hugs.

​Give the hugs that he craved for.
As their relationship kept getting sore.

​At a point, it started falling.
While older, he started remembering.

The physical and emotional pain.
& his brothers saw little to no pain.

​They felt Micheal was exaggerating.
But that pain made him legendary.

​It has made him the King of Pop.
He died, but his reign has not stopped.


By the 70’s, Michael was a teen idol and a well-established solo act. He was the lead singer. After he and his family moved to California, he moved to move to New York City in 1978. He moved there to star in the movie the Wiz. The wiz is a musical spinoff of the hit movie Alice in Wonderland. He starred alongside singer Diana Ross, Nipsy Russel and Ted Ross. Sadly, the movie was a failure at the box office. Despite the failure, his next solo album was in play and the music mogul Quincy Jones wanted to produce it. Jackson was exposed to early hip hop and he was influenced by it. He and his brothers started beatboxing in their music. A year after, he broke his nose practicing. That album Jones wanted to produce was entitled OFF THE WALL. That album established him as a solo performer. It helped him transition to the more complex sounds he will be doing when he is an adult. Songs like Rock with you, she’s out of my Life, and Don’t stop until you get enough were indeed hits. The album had over 10 hit singles. It also won him major awards. Jackson was happy with its success, but he wanted more of an impact. He went back into the studio and practiced making it happen. By 1980, he secured the highest royalty in the music industry.


His success continued and opened doors. In 1982, he combined his interest in songwriting and films. He wrote and sung a song for the Steven Spielberg’s E.T the Extra-Terrestrial. The song was entitled Someone in the Dark. It was a feature on the soundtrack. The song won him a Grammy for Best recording for children. As time went on, his love for children grew. His music never stopped. He proved he was determined to be the best he knew he could be but he remembered his childhood. He wanted to do for kids what he never got for himself since he started performing at an early age. He did not experience the fun that normal kids do. He built a theme park called Never Never Land in California. He started to do things more for the kids. Despite his good intentions, some accused him of getting to close. In 1993, he was accused of child abuse by a thirteen-year old boy's family named Jordan Chandler. The family of the 13-year-old boy demanded Jackson pay them. Evan Chandler was the father of the boy. He was recorded while discussing the case saying “If HE GOES THROUGH WITH THIS HE WINS BIG. I WILL GET EVERYTHING, AND HE WILL BE DESTROYED”. That recording was used to argue by Jackson. Jackson stated that the father wanted to extort money. Despite that accusation, Jackson’s argument did not get far. Evan Chandler was not charged with extortion. This took a toll on Jackson. He already grew up with emotional and mental trauma, but this opened a door that a misplaced his pleasure. He went in and found that and more. From since that time, he never really come out of it. Michael started taking painkillers along with anything that gave him a sense of pleasure. Soon after, they raided his home. The raiding and the accusations was too much for him. Despite that, he refused to give anything up and the Jury was with him. Jackson proclaimed his innocence. He stood firm. There was an out of court settlement in which he admitted to no wrongdoing and no liability. Jackson was free until he was charged for child abuse again a decade later.

Love Life

When you go through things in Life you need a help mate by you. In May 1994 Jackson did just that. He got married to the late Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa. He went through the same things before getting married. They met in 1975 when Lisa was just seven years old. The two began to become good friends. Michael was often busy with his career but he made sure to keep in touch. They talked every day on the phone. Jackson’s dependency on Presley grew by the day. She supported him emotionally, but she was concerned about his addiction to drugs. Presley said in quote “I believed he did nothing wrong. I believed he was wrongfully accused”. During the trying time she wanted to be there. In 1993, Jackson proposed, and she said yes. In the Dominican Republic they got married. For two months, the two denied it at first but eventually the truth got out but the truth only lasted less than two years. They later divorced. After it, they spent years off. Presley, had to eventually call off completly. While going through, Micheal was still doing his music among other things. Selling millions globally. He surely earned the name king of pop but without Lisa by his side, he reversed back. He got into what Lisa was trying to get him away from in the little time they spent together. Later in his career he was married again. This time, had children. That marriage too ended in divorce in 1999.


Success came to Michael at a young age, but it may have come a little too fast. The luxurious lifestyle was undeniable. His music was everywhere. His thriller album alone earned him to seven Grammys. It was the bestselling album worldwide in 1983. Currently, it is the bestselling album of all time in the country. Michael was huge, and he knew it. He also knew that adversity was waiting on him. He just did not know how it will come and when. In this case, it never left. It just waited on a time to act up. Later in his career the time came. He started having health problems. Failed relationships and he became an addict. It never left because, Michael walked in the industry being emotionally distressed. He hid it behind his music. His accomplishments were monumental but his eternal issues, his money could never heal him from. His distress opened doors he later walked into during his career. His only way of dealing with it was with drugs but in 2009, the emotionally distressed Jackson was found unresponsive in his home. The responsive team tried reviving him and had a moment when it seemed that way. Sadly, he passed on the way to the hospital.

Do you think Micheal Jackson will be alive if he was not distressed?

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© 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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