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The EnterPAINment Industry: Robin Williams

Updated on May 18, 2020
Ryan Cornelius profile image

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, sportswriter, copywriter, and song writer.


In Chicago, Illinois.
A small, little bundle of joy.

​Was introduced to the world.
He grew up with diamonds and pearls.

​His father was a senior executive.
& his mom was a model of excellence.

​So he grew up pretty privileged.
But it all often kept him silent.

​That was until high school days.
When he opened up and found ways.

​Found ways to be more active.
He excelled in sports and academics.

​He made friends wherever he went.
He was popular out and within.

​Within the schools and out of it.
He even became the class president.

​He was rated to most likely.
To succeed in a career in acting.

​He often charmed the class.
In addition, he made them laugh.

​He graduated and went to college.
Where he studied political science.

​Later, he decided to drop out.
& pursue what his class thought about.

​He pursued a career in acting.
He later moved to New York City.

​His career later took off.
But his life would soon pay the cost.

​He rose and than he fell.
But his story many still tell.

​Now, he is resting in peace.
& the world is telling his story.

The Rising Star

It was the 70's. During this era there were many doing drugs of all kinds. When Williams and his family stayed in California, he worked as bartender in a bar in the San Francisco Bay area. His comedian skills could not go unnoticed. He was offered a position to do stand up comedy in the same area. His first performance was in the club he was the bartender at. Williams saw great minds during that time turn to mud because of drugs. He witnessed a lot of stress for others and stress for himself. He started to use drugs and alcohol to help him through it. He occasionally performed being intoxicated and hung over. The audience did not notice it at first, but it was visible after a while. Critics became concerned that he will break. His mental state seemed to be a speed bump in his way. It was indeed affecting his health. He became addicted to cocaine. He was around people that fueled the desire for it. Comic JOHN BELUSHI was one of them. Belushi died of an overdose as a result and before it, Williams was with him. This woke Williams up. He said that death sobered him, and it did for many years. He cleaned up and chose to finish what he started.

The Superstar

Williams was not going to let what he went through stop him from succeeding. It was a speed bump but one that helped him to climb to the top. He became a success at what he did. He started appearing in shows on TV. His sense of humor impressed many and a producer he worked with along the way wanted him to play a bigger role. He offered wanted William's to star in MORK AND MINDY from 1978-1982. The show man William's a superstar. On the show he became a sensation amongst young people. He appeared on covers of magazines all over the country. He could be the funny man and the serious man and that soon was what captivated many around the world. They loved it. From then on it was day time talk shows and night time talk shows. His work was consistent. His success on the small screen led him to the big one. He was the star in numerous films, but his big break came in 1987. He was offered a starring role in the film GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM. The film earned him a nomination for best actor. The success on the big and small screen was not the end. He became a theatre sensation and an internet sensation. Williams was a one man show and was very good at doing it.

The Fallen Star

Throughout his career he was a philanthropist. He often teamed up with other celebrities for community projects. He was sharing his wealth to different charities all over the world. Along with him sharing with charities, he was doing it with other women in his personal life. By 2003 he was married to his second wife with a total of three children. Williams also started working on a new film that same year. While working on the film, he was under stress. In response, something he left behind years ago found its way back into his life. It was alcohol. Three years later he checked into rehab saying he was an alcoholic. He made it clear that he was not doing cocaine. In 2009, he was hospitalized due to heart problems, He had surgery to replace his aortic valve. Two years later, Williams married his third wife. Despite the success, he was suffering from severe depression after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He was losing his mind and his wife seen it all. The terms of his condition got worse as the days went by. On August 11, 2014 he decided to end it all. Williams committed suicide in his home in California where it all started.


The entertainment world has changed lives. Those in it have come from rags to riches but it’s unfortunate that some come in and never let the rags loose. They use their riches to hide it. Robin Williams was funny no doubt, but his love life was unstable. He cheated on his first wife. He married the woman he cheated with and later was married again. He walked in with an unstable love life. Along with these facts, he was doing drugs and alcohol. He stopped and pursued his career, but it came back. The entertainment industry was only helping in one way. Internally, he was damaged walking in. He was the same way through his career but hid it. He did not even want no one to know he had Parkinson’s. The actors/actresses/artists find it complicated to fix because they cannot control their own destiny. Since they have contracts, they must work through it. Williams is one of those actors. He had to stress himself out just to make sure that his agent, friends and family were taken care of. He put himself on the line and it seemed he had regrets about it later. He turned to the wrong things to make himself happy but ended up hurting himself in the end of it. We all must leave this planet one day, but this was not the way it should’ve happened.

© 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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