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Sweden - The Winner of Eurovision 2015

Updated on May 25, 2015

Måns is a charismatic singer, performer, exceptionally telegenic and at the same time the winner of the ESC 2015. His song got the highest score from both audience and the jury. The only two songs, that could have ever taken on "Heroes" during this years Eurovision were the Russian and the Belgian entries. Indeed the song was said to be plagiarised from David Guetta's songs "Lovers on the Sun" and Avicii's "The Nights". Måns Zelmerlöw was not to blame in this case - he was just the singer. The song's composers were Anton Malmberg, Hard af Segerstad, Joy Deb and Linnea Deb. His song was released on the 28th of February 2015 as a digital download, but it was only available in Sweden. On the 14th of March the song won the Melodifestivalen. In the selection show "Melodifestivalen" his performance scored first. Both, song and vocals are extremely strong. Unfortunately the lyrics don't make any sense at all, but the songwriters did not mind that small dissonance, neither did the audience. Måns Zelmerlöw is a really versatile artist. He has won "Let's Dance", played the lead role in Grease and "Romeo&Juliet", alongside with being a successful composer and recording artist. In 2014 he was forced to apologize for his statement he issued to question, if gay people should not be given the possibility to adopt children.

"Heroes" - the lyrics of the song

Even though the lyrics of the song do not make any sense, let's have a final look at them. The heroes of our time celebrates humanity as a whole, it states, that in the big picture, everybody is changing history and thereby can proudly call oneself a hero. But nobody in fact wants to be a hero, as being a hero requires carrying a huge amount of responsibility. In our world people don't want to show their real faces, they are too afraid to make the wrong choice and to accidentally turn into villains. The border between good and evil is so narrow, especially for a hero, it is just one step away. "Now go sing it like a hummingbird" reminds the audience to live their lives freely and openly, without prejudice and appeals to the audience not to forget, that they too have choices to make, problems to solve and can help to make the world a little bit better.

It was a tight race between Russia and Sweden!

The Russian song was still in the lead in the beginning. Excitement hung in the air, both, in the press centre and inside of the venue. But probably even inside of those many homes in the whole of Europe, in Asia, in Australia, where TVs were still flickering. From the middle of the voting onwards the contest took a decisive turn: Sweden took the lead again. Just like the bookmakers predicted, Sweden won the ESC this year.


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