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The Event -- Captain Tripps

Updated on April 26, 2011

In Murmansk, Russia the crate containing the frozen corpse is loaded upon a ship. A doctor in a haz-mat suit begins the process of uncrating the corpse and then begins to cut him open, spreading his skin apart to reveal his chest.

In the cabinet meeting, Jarvis nervously watches as Elias opens the poisoned packet of sugar and puts it into his coffee. Elias takes a sip of his coffee and it isn't long after that Elias' speech becomes garbled. As he feels a sharp pain in his head, Elias looks over at Jarvis and knows he did this to him, before he collapses on the floor.

Elias is rushed to the hospital. The poison Jarvis slipped him makes it appear that Elias has had a stroke and is causing bleeding in his brain. Elias' tells Blake he can barely see him, but his voice is no longer garbled. Blake tries to assure him he'll be fine, but Elias say he knows he's lying. He also tells Blake he knows Jarvis did this to him. He saw it in his face. He makes Blake promise to stop Jarvis from taking over as president.

That's a promise Blake may not be able to keep, as Peel wants to takes measures to put Jarvis in as acting-president. Blake finally tells Peel that this isn't the first time Jarvis has tried to kill the president. Peel says unless they can find proof Jarvis is behind this, they won't be able to stop him from becoming president.

Sophia not taking any pleasure that her plan to take Elias out was a success. She says once Jarvis is in power he'll help her deliver her deadly weapon. Then she wonders where Michael is.

Michael is dealing with Leila. He wants to know who she was talking to and how much she told them. She tells her father she told Sean everything that Sophia is planning. When Leila's bodyguard comes up to him and Michael can't talk his way out of things to convince him Leila did no harm, he agrees to take Leila to Sophia. However, when the man has his guard down, Michael kills him. 

Sean and Vicky are heading to Siberia. Even though he doesn't trust what Dempsey told him, he does believe what Leila said. He does an Internet search and discovers they're not looking for a woman but a ship that is docked in Murmansk, Russia.

The doctor in the haz-mat suit continued to examine the body which he says the body had been frozen for 93 years. Its well preserved because of the cold climate it was in. The organs are well preserved. He takes a culture of some fluid from the man. He gets distracted and manages to slice open his glove and drops the culture on the floor. He rushed to the door begging to be let out. Saying he knows it's safe, but the people outside the door refuse.

Peel and Blake watch a video tape from the cabinet meeting and they figure out that Jarvis tampered with Elias' sweetener. Peel says that isn't enough proof to prove Jarvis tried to assassinate the president. Then Blake realizes the coffee spilt on the floor. If they can have the stain analyzed they can prove the coffee was tainted. He rushes to the room, only to discover that cleaners have cleaned the spot up, eliminating all proof of Jarvis' crime. 

Sophia calls Jarvis asking him why he hasn't taken control yet. Jarvis is upset that Elias hasn't died, yet. Says it would have made things easier for him if Elias was dead. Sophia tells him not to worry, the poison will cause Elias to slip into a coma and then he will die.

Michael takes the body back to their house. He tells Leila she's no longer one of them [the humans]. There can be no more calls to Sean. Sophia arrives as Michael is wrapping the body up for disposal. She tells Michael she's looking for Leila's bodyguard.

Sean and Vicky are watching the ship, trying to figure out how to get on it. Sean wants to know why Vicky is still with him helping him. She asks him doesn't he know? I think she's in love with him. Being a man, that never occurs to him, and he says he doesn't have a clue. And she replies, that's right, he'll never figure her out.

Vicky and Sean steal a raft. She seems to get off on him putting a man in a choke hold to take the raft. They row out to the boat and get on board. It's eerily empty. They find the chamber where the frozen dead corpse was taken. They peek inside the room and see the floor littered with bloody bodies. Donning haz-mat suits, they go inside to investigate. They find the corpse who is wearing some kind of military uniform. They also discover the man's lungs are missing.

They run into someone alive, and threaten to throw him inside the death chamber unless he talks. He reveals the soldier's body is from World War I. Sean says over 15 million people died of the Spanish Flu during that war. Sean realizes that's Sophia's plan. To unleash the Spanish Flu on the world. The man reveals the infected lungs are being transported on Flight 38 out of Moscow and is being taken to the United States.

There's nothing Peel and Blake can do to stop Jarvis from becoming president. Blake wanted to tell what they know about Jarvis, but Peel says he could come off looking like a fool. Afterwards, Blake returns to his office visibly upset there's nothing they can do to stop Jarvis. Then he happens to catch his reflection in the coffee pot and realizes some of Elias' coffee spilled on his sleeve. But is it too late to stop Jarvis and perhaps save Elias' life? In his hospital bed Elias starts having a seizure.

I really hope they renew this show, because it keeps getting better and better. Unfortunately, a lot of people abandoned it when the show was a bit of a mess and haven't returned now that it's gotten it's act together and discovered its niche. 

In case you are not a Stephen King fan, Captain Tripps was the name given the super bug that ended up decimating the human population in The Stand when an experiment went wrong and a guard escaped the compound with his family and spread the virus to the outside world. It's actually a clever way to decimate the human population. Those who do survive won't even know that Sophia and her people were behind it, just like they won't realize that Elias' was murdered and didn't die from a stroke.


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