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The Event -- The Assassination Of Elias Martinez

Updated on April 19, 2011

In the arctic a man named Herbert works on a secret project for Sophia. Suddenly, the FBI show up at his icy fortress. He places a frantic call to Sophia, who tells him he must destroy all the research so they won't discover what they're up to. He does it frantically as the FBI surround him. Then to escape being arrested, the man throws himself out of a window and kills himself.

At the gates community, Sophia has a meeting with her most trusted allies amongst her people. She says they need to thin out the native population so they'll have room for their people when they arrive. One of her people complains about not being able to do anything while they must remain in hiding. That's when Sophia declares they must get rid of Elias Martinez, permanently. That once he's gone, they'll stop hunting them.

Vice President Jarvis suggests they tell the world about the aliens set to invade their world and that they were behind the destruction of the Washington Monument. Elias says, no way. Then he learns Senator Lewis is waiting for him. She tells him he has no sleepers in his administration, perhaps aside from the one he's sleeping with every night. Lewis says she has a file on his wife, Christina, but Elias shuts her down. He makes excuses for why she refused to be tested.

Sophia calls Jarvis up. She blames Elias for everything she's being forced to do. She says they could avoid any further blood shed if he is president instead of Elias. 

Sean arrives at Dempsey's chateau as everyone is packing up camp and getting out of dodge. He rushes into the burning chateau to save Vicky. When he brings her out, she isn't breathing, so he has to revive her by giving her CPR. Dempsey comes up behind them and gets the drop on Sean. 

Leila purposely cuts her hand with a knife so she'll have to be taken to the infirmary. Once there, she sneaks in to see Simon. He's tied down to a bed. Simon tells Leila that Sophia plans to commit genocide on the human race. Simon tells her to warn the world before its too late.

Jarvis goes to meet Sophia. Jarvis pulls a gun on her. She tells Jarvis the truth to a degree. She says some countries will have to be destroyed, but he can save his country. He can be a part of the new order when it takes place, if he agrees to work with her.

Elias tells Christina he loves her, but it's obvious he's suspicious of her. He goes to Senator Lewis and asks for the file on his wife. 

Jarvis goes to Blake suggesting they need to compromise with Sophia. Suggests he could be the negotiator with her. Blake says Jarvis should be in prison for what he's done. That once he serves out his term, he's history. This leads Jarvis to contact Sophia. He agrees to work with her. She promises him by this time tomorrow he'll be leader of the free world.

Leila flirts with the guard guarding her and asks him in for a drink. She secretly pawns his cell phone and makes an excuse to head into the bathroom. Once there she tries to make contact with someone in the outside world to warn them of what Sophia is planning. The guard figures out she took his phone and breaks down the door. She manages to knock him out and escape. She runs into her father and is appalled he's going along with Sophia's plan to destroy the human race. Michael tells her if Sophia finds out she's against them, he won't be able to protect her.

Dempsey tells a disbelieving Sean he's been doing what's best to protect the human race. He explains he's part of a tribe called sentinels who protect the world from other races trying to invade the earth. He says Sophia plans to destroy the human race and he believes Sean may be the only one that can stop her. That everything that's happened to him has been leading him to this.

Sean isn't buying this, because he thinks Sophia is one of the good guys. Dempsey tells him not anymore and that he hopes this will lead him on to the right path. While one of his people drops a duffle bag at Sean's feet, Dempsey puts a gun up to his head and kills himself. Sean runs off with Vicky and when they're safely away from the chateau, he opens the duffle. The scroll from the urn is inside the duffle. Vicky tries to tell Sean not to listen to anything Dempsey said, because he was crazy. Sean isn't so sure, and he gets confirmation when Leila calls him to tell him what Sophia is planning. 

Elias confronts Christina about keeping something from him. She tells him her parents are illegal immigrants and he's relieved she's not an alien of the extraterrestrial kind. Of course, if he could see her face when he hugs her in relief, he'd realize she may have just handed him a line of bull and realize he's sleeping with the enemy.

Jarvis visits an accupuncturist.  When he's finished he finds a package of sugar in his pocket. It's obviously poisoned. Later, in a meeting, he switches Elias' traditional package of sugar with the tainted sugar. Meanwhile, Sophia's people have unearthed the weapon she believes will help them destroy mankind. It seems to be a frozen corpse.

The Event is really showing how pathetic V was in comparison. Sophia doesn't need a lizard tail or a mouth full of large teeth to be deadly. In fact, she could eat Anna the lizard queen for breakfast. In two seasons all Anna did was obsess over getting her daughter to have sex with a dopey teenager, while in a few episodes Sophia has taken out a national monument and is not plotting the assassination of the president to replace him with someone she controls. She's also plotting to destroy the human race. Now that's bad.

I really hope this show gets renewed. It just keeps getting better and better now that it's finally found its groove. Can't wait for the next episode. Will the assassination plot succeed? Can Blake stop Jarvis from taking over? Is Elias really married to a sleeper? And just what is in that little bag of treats Dempsey left for Sean?


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    • profile image

      Dan 6 years ago

      Yup, it has found its groove. I watched it at first just because I'm a sucker for sci-fi. But after this last episode, I'm really hooked and think this is actually a quality show with a great story brewing. They better not cancel it!