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The Event -- The Carrier

Updated on May 10, 2011

Christina is told by Elias' doctor that his condition is hopeless and he won't recover. That might not be the case if Simon can get to Elias' and give him the antidote. Unfortunately, Jarvis is dedicated to making sure that doesn't happen so his house of cards doesn't come tumbling down around his head.

As most probably suspected, Michael didn't make it. Leila is put under guard and Sophia acts all nice to her, at first, wanting to know what she told Sean. When Leila basically tells her where to go, Sophia slaps her and says Sean's death will be on her head, just as his father's is.

Sophia is informed that the Spanish flu kills to fast and the carrier of it won't last long enough to create the pandemic that Sophia is aiming to cause. Sophia decides they should do a test to see how fast the disease works. She tells Alex, the courier of the tainted lungs, to release the virus into the air vents of a local mall. Sophia has cameras set up so she can watch everyone drop like flies.

Sophia also contacts Jarvis to tell him Simon has a cure that could save Elias' life, and he needs to find Simon and stop him. Jarvis is still clinging to the delusion that Sophia won't hurt any people on American soil if he does what she wants. Hate to break it to you, Jarvis, that mall is filled with American people.

Sean and Vicky track the car to the mall and pop the trunk where they find blueprints of the mall. They quickly deduce Alex is going to release a killer bug bomb through the air vents, killing everyone in the mall. While Sean heads to the roof to try and stop her, Vicky tries to evacuate the mall. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done, since one of Sophia's people has taken over the security room and cut all the alarms off so they can't be sounded. Vicky sticks a gun to a security guards back and forces him to set off the master alarm telling patrons to evacuate the mall, but it's a slow process and people may not make it out in time.

Vicky heads up to help Sean who is trapped in a gun fight with one of Sophia's people, while Alex activates her bug bomb. Afterwards, Alex manages to escape with the tainted lungs while Sean and Vicky work to deactivate the bug bomb before it kills everyone in the mall. Unfortunately, while they're doing that, Alex is boarding a bus with mall evacuees on it and she opens the case with the tainted lungs, exposing everyone on the bus to the disease.

Simon comes to Blake's house and tries to convince him he's on the human races side and has broken with Sophia. He also tells Blake he has the antidote that can save Elias' life. Unfortunately, Jarvis learns Simon is with Blake and orders the CIA to surround the house and get them. Blake and Simon figure a way to escape by calling the local cops saying someone is trying to break into Blake's house. By the time the CIA operatives identify themselves, Simon and Blake have escaped.

Jarvis next move is to put armed guards on Elias' so no one can enter without his permission, although he cloaks it in orders from the Attorney General. Christina isn't even allowed to see her own husband. He also feeds her a bunch of lies that it was Blake that poisoned Elias' so if he contacts her, she won't believe a thing Blake says. Christina remembers Blake keeping from her something about Elias' condition and seems to buy Jarvis' line of garbage. She tells Jarvis that Blake has been in contact with her and tells him where she's supposed to meet with him.

Several members of Jarvis' cabinet walk out when he orders an air strike to bomb the building Simon and Blake are seen entering. As planned, the building is blown to smithereens. Taking no chances, he orders men to rifle through the ashes of the building  At the same time Christina's call to Blake is unscrambled and Jarvis discovers she was playing him, the men going through the rubble find an escape hatch in the building, and Jarvis knows his fat's in the fire now.

At the hospital, Christina is allowed to enter Elias' room. She closes all the curtains and administers the antidote to Elias', but the question is it too little too late.

Sophia is told that after examining the bodies from the bus that since the humans are affected by the disease too quickly, while their own people are immune to it, the perfect carrier must be a hybrid between the two races. And Sophia knows just what human she wants to be the Doomsday Device.

Leila is quickly strapped down to a stretcher and a culture of the killer flu is put up her nose. Now all they need to do is release her on the world and let her do her magic.

This was another great episode. TV Guide has already written the show off and thinks V is more deserving of being saved than The Event. I'm sorry, V is cartoonish in comparison with this show, that just continues to get better and better. Odds are it will be cancelled, which is a shame, since it's finally gotten it's act together and just keeps getting better and better. 


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