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The Event -- The Gloves Are Off

Updated on April 5, 2011

Sophia's Done Playing Nice

Sophia's bus is transported to the safe place Thomas had been hiding his people. It's a gated community whereabouts unknown. Leila tries to leave, and is told she's being watched and she is basically a prisoner.

Sterling congratulates Simon on his good work, all the while knowing he's a mole. Elias wants to arrest Simon and make him tell them what he knows. Sterling says that might not work, and they have to let Simon think he's still safe so he'll call Sophia and they'll be able to locate her.

Simon has a hard time containing his emotions as he sees the burnt-out remains of the bus that his brother, Thomas, was on. Simon goes to his office and hears a strange beeping noise coming from under his desk. It's some kind of communication device. A distorted voice tells him he's been found out and gives him step-by-step instructions on how to safely escape the building.

The official story the American public is being given is that Pakistani terrorists destroyed the Washington Monument and that everything is done to deal with this threat. Elias is also worried there are other sleepers planted in his administration and one of them helped Simon escape. He enlists Senator Lewis to help him put in place a need for mandatory testing to check out everyone's DNA to find out who are them and who are us. They come up with a story that there's a TB epidemic and everyone must come in to be tested. 

Simon arrives at the gated community and promises Sophia his loyalty when she tells him she's going to continue with Thomas' plan to bring all their people to Earth. She says she took a vow not to harm benevolent societies, but feels humans are no longer benevolent after what they blew up the bus killing her son, Thomas, who she's grieving over. As far as she's concerned the gloves are off and it's either them or us. She plans to bring two billion of her people to Earth. Simon knows that to make room for all their people, she'll have to exterminate the human race. Simon goes to Michael telling him they need to escape and warn the human race what Sophia is planning. Michael agrees to escape with Simon and says he'll take Leila with him.

Vicky's friend, Henri, tells Sean and Vicky where they can find Dempsey. Vicky makes it clear to Sean that turning Dempsey over to law enforcement officials isn't going to work. Dempsey has to be killed. Sean let's Vicky off the hook and tell her she's free to go. She, however, decides to stay with Sean and help him. On the way to Dempsey, she tells Sean what it does to you when you kill someone. When they arrive at the place Henri said was Dempsey's chateau they're ambushed. Vicky is caught while Sean manages to escape.

Dempsey has another archeologist working on the artifacts that were unearthed. The man says the hieroglyphics on the urn says something about guardians. Dempsey smashes the urn before the man can translate anything more. Inside the urn is a scroll.

Elias confides in his wife, Christina, why everyone is being ordered to be tested for TB. It's really to identify more sleepers. She's against the plan and can't believe Elias instigated it. When she refuses to be tested, Senator Lewis suggests to Elias his wife could be a sleeper. He acts like he doesn't believe that could be possible, but when he goes home and sees his wife, it's obvious he thinks it could be possible.

Vicky is brought to Dempsey, who questions her about what she knows about Sean. He wants to know how Sean has overcome ever trap he's set for him. He tells Vicky he's a long line of sentinels who protect the earth from them. When Vicky gives him no info on Sean, he orders her killed. To cover his tracks he has the house he's been using burned down with a tied-up Vicky inside of it.

Sean tracks down Henri knowing he's the one that set him up. Sean smashes both his hands with a hammer before Henri finally tells him where Dempsey really is.

When Simon goes to Michael to make their escape, he learns that Michael has betrayed him. Sophia confronts him, and Simon says he won't be a part of genocide. She has Simon taken away, declaring she's lost two sons.

I really hope this show gets renewed. I'd really love to see where they take this story. It's becoming everything that ABC's V should have been but never was. 


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    • profile image

      @Billrrr 6 years ago

      Its called The event. It airs on NBC at 9PM on Mondays. It is a TV show that runs for an hour including commercials. The next new episode airs on April 18.

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 6 years ago from Cape Cod

      Is this a tv show? A movie? I watch American Idol, Monk, The Apprentice, The View and endless Seinfeld re-runs. What is the name of this program? What network is it on?