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Is the Existence of Mermaids a Myth or Reality?

Updated on May 1, 2015
The search for proof of mermaids has gone on for centuries
The search for proof of mermaids has gone on for centuries | Source

There is a television program titled “Mermaids: The Body Found” first seen on the Animal Planet Channel, about whether or not mermaids exist. I initially felt a little silly watching the show. After all, the existence of mermaids has been a myth all my life. What I saw changed my lifelong perception.

According to Dr. Paul Robertson, a former National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) marine biologist, the United States Navy is supposed to have discovered the mermaid form of life through ocean sonar testing. The sonar testing has killed thousands of dolphins and whales by causing them to swim aground. The show stated that among them have been mermaids, both dead and alive. The navy has kept this existence from the general public. Their proposed attempt is to negate evidence of a species that has never been formally recorded as fact.

There are images of mermaids during the prehistoric era, when man first started drawing on cave walls. The images are of large webbed hands, a crested head, and a humanoid body with a single, elongated, webbed-like tail. Think of all the statues, books, and fairy tales, drawings that have been available over centuries, with similar images. They couldn’t all be acts of fiction.

In 2005, a group of scientists, including Dr. Robertson, had physical evidence of a mermaid in South Africa. They were in the process of applying to have the mermaid remnants sent to the United States. However, one day their evidence was all confiscated by the Cape Town, South African government, never to be seen again. The visas of the scientists were also revoked.

Dr. Robertson considers mermaids part of an existing aquatic form of life. In the follow-up documentary titled “Mermaids: The New Evidence”, it discusses recent discoveries. In 2009, there was a long distance photograph of an alleged mermaid re-entering the ocean in Kiryat Yam, Israel. A one million dollar reward was established for closer evidence of mermaid life in that area. Another taping in the Greenland Sea showed an actual mermaid at close range.

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Alas, both shows were revealed as hoaxes designed by the Animal Planet network. When the first show originally aired in 2012, the “Mermaids: The Body Found” gave Animal Planet their highest ratings ever, 10.2 million views. Even Dr. Robertson was a fake. The network presented the shows like documentaries for a realistic effect. Shame on Animal Planet for wasting three hours of the public’s time for a high ratings coup. They traded their reputation as a quality, honest network in exchange for money and high ratings. What a disgrace to Animal Planet.

The only piece on the show that is real is the mass killing of dolphins and whale from navy sonar testing.

While the shows were faked, it would be foolish of us to believe we are the only form of life like ours on this planet. Over millions and millions of years, other forms of life had to have lived and evolved, and may still exist. Hopefully in the future, the public will be presented with real evidence of unknown aquatic life. Unfortunately until then, we will have to look at these types of “documentaries” from formerly reputable television networks with several grains of salt.


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