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The Facts About Kids Hip Hop Music

Updated on September 28, 2010

The Facts About Kids Hip Hop Music

The original kids hip hop music sub-culture was darker back in the day because of the influence of the more violent rap music in the mix. Teens had become more withdrawn, more moody and more anarchic than ever before. The influence of the music threatened parents, schools, and even the government, leading them to take steps in controlling the situation.

The hard life in the urban streets protrayed in rap music was a part of the kids hip hop music sub-culture, a matter that is far from being experienced by many of them. The rappers express resentment, and their music's popularity drove kids hip hop music cultural wave to mirror those issues in expressing their frustrations againts the world. It was easy for the music to be blamed for society's defects.

Today's society still has a place for kids hip hop music, with it being less negative compare to its earlier version. The enthusiasts of the past have grown up and most have had kids of their own. Probably today, while many of them listen to recent hip hop music, their kids try their ears at what their parents used to listen to. Today's kids hip hop music lacks the puculiarity of the past, now, the stories of the streets are already a part of society's history, made so by the pioneering rap artists, eliminating the shock factor. Kids might imitate it, but not including the rampant violence that goes with it.

The genre's growth itself played an important role in developing today's kids hip hop music culture. This positive turn that the music took turned to be more inspiring to listeners today, and the children of today have taken it to heart. Rather than preach of violence and dustruction, kids hip hop music today compels people to build a selfless society, to find our purposes and place in the world, and if somehow you don't agree with the existing world, then build yourself your own.

Gone is the criminal, the thug, the antisocial. In its place is the leader, the world builder, the entrepreneur, the activist of human rights, and the champions of love and relationships. The culture that is kids hip hop music will advance and prosper to becoming more positive, because of the revival of poetry and art from its roots. Albums now has themes revolving around life lessons learned through hardships unlike the ones their predecessors have that only talked about being self-serving. The music's influence today can only benefit our children more than anything there is in this world's society.


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      jj 6 years ago

      gtfoh music is worse today u sound dumb as hell