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Part 2 of The Family Sarnath: A Fish God Named Dagon and the Family who Loved Him

Updated on May 31, 2011
Slithering green Cthulhu monster courtesy of Ape Lad (Adam Koford)
Slithering green Cthulhu monster courtesy of Ape Lad (Adam Koford)

Chapter Four: The Increase of Billy

Billy took to his new role as priest of the Esoteric Order of Dagon like a Deep One takes to water.  But while Mr. and Mrs. Keane were proud and sister Dolly was mesmerized, Jeffy was increasingly worried. As Billy's knowledge of the arcane increased, so too did his pride.  Jeffy was, of course, the first to feel the effects of Billy's inflated hubris, but soon no one in the entire neighborhood would be safe. 

H.P. Lovecraft, the Man Behind the Captions!

Chapter Five: Childhood Sure can be Tough!

As expected, the Keane children descended further and further into the abyss of madness.  While Billy spent nearly every waking hour deciphering vile, ancient languages written upon blood-soaked parchments, Dolly lived in a veritable dream-world, no longer possessing the ability to distinguish reality from her dark, brooding fantasies.  Dolly often invented her own realities, perceiving the occultic and terrifying in even the most suburban of atmospheres, unintentionally pushing Jeffy further towards a fear-induced death.

Dolly's horrific delusions, along with the constant praise of Billy by  Mr. and Mrs. Keane, began to grow within little Jeffy a sense of indignation.  In an attempt to sully Billy's now fearful reputation at school, Jeffy pointed out the one-inch gill slits which had now formed just below Billy's ears during a little league baseball game.  Though previously unnoticed, they were now among the most gossiped about topics within the entire neighborhood, and  had earned poor Billy the ever appropriate title, "Gilly."  Mr. Keane, ever the sweetheart, had kind words to impart to his little mutating humanoid.     


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