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The Fascination With Zombies And The Television Series The Walking Dead

Updated on October 6, 2017

Millions Of People Are Fascinated With Zombies / The Walking Dead


There Are Many Reasons Why People Love And Or Freak Out By Zombies

In the past and recently millions of people have a fascination with zombies and the hit series THE WALKING DEAD. Something drives people to be wild about zombies. Two disassociated naked “bath salt” cannibalistic type face eating occurrences made the National news not long ago, the overwhelming wonder to discover the answer. After all with this sort of behavior popping up in real life could spark a need to know. So a couple of zombie enthusiasts decided to take the question to a majority of other fun and interesting people at a horror convention. When they first asked people, their answer was, “You know that it is rather difficult question to answer.” Granted this poll was not carried out scientifically-with hundreds of thousands of people from diverse ethnic, regional, and religious backgrounds nevertheless it was successful enough. An easy yet highly productive survey was provided at the Days Of The Dead Convention. Excitement escalated to hear from the people what their answers to the question was, at first they had a look of confusion. And then some extremely intriguing conversations began.

There were several general reasons why people love and or freaked out about by zombies. The vast majority of people genuinely took the time to tell a real explanation. There is a real fascination with zombies and zombie fiction. Large amounts of individuals answered how they honestly felt this is how the world will end. The reason being with all the biochemical warfare happening in the world today, maybe not the way it is represented in books but comparable. Survivalist mentally putting family first and foremost based on the grim problems of survival. Others commented it was like living vicariously through a zombie fantasy element, many people loving the tremble of living through books, movies, and video games to determine their survival skills against a full-blown zombie apocalypse.

With the movie, The Night Of The Living Dead introduced the notion of the slow-moving flesh-eating zombies into mainstream American life. The Michael Jackson Thriller video and modern films such as 28 Days Later, the zombie has been kept alive continuing the thrill and horror with millions of TV viewer’s the idea of the undead prowling the earth searching for brains to ravage.

Zombie Movies Tap Into Our Apocalyptic Terror


In Japan fugu which is the flesh of a puffer fish is sought after. It is considered a luxury, even though it can be deadly if prepared the wrong way. A shocking 60 percent of fugu poisoning victims die within just hours after digesting. If luckily a victim of fugu survives more than 24 hours, he or she is expected to fully recuperate. However, the tetrodotox in poisoning is capable of putting people in a coma-like state which looks similar to death. During this time the individual suffering stays completely conscious but totally paralyzed. There have been stories told of some fugu victims being laid next to their coffins, for the duration of 3 days. The reason for this is to confirm the death of that person.

Zombie movies tap into our apocalyptic terror and suspence very influentially. The horrifying reason is this notion of entropy that they are infectious. When a zombie bites you then you will die, and transform into one yourself. So of course, it is going to escalate like wild fire. It turns into this worldly Armageddon with solely a handful of survivors struggling to escape. Yet if you can’t you end up battling the nearly impossible circumstances against a maddening fierce enemy.

The need to be on the defense, everyone’s facing the horrific threat of shooting first and ask questions later. At first they may look normal, but you really don’t know for sure. It is necessary for you to take action believing them to be a zombie or infected until definitely can tell the difference. The zombie movies build up the scenes and the characters are viewed in this extremely fearful territorial life or death way. The zombie has become the most popular creature of the past few years. Because the zombie character looms so vividly opposite our multi-tasking daily lives, the zombie is a very slow awkward moving, rotting flesh remains of a human being. Actually that is precisely part of the point that this technology saturated generation has focused on this creature particularly due to their obsession as well as them being disgusted. When it comes right down to it, imaginably what is most terrifying about zombies is that different from most creatures in horror movies the zombies are us.

There is something distinct about the reality that unlike space aliens or demons zombies have the appearance of rotting sick people. They look like diseased contagious outsiders. And yet human, so it does hit home in that sense. Especially if one had been someone close to you. The abrupt rising appeal of the zombie thriller the television series The Walking Dead everyone is discussing. The majority of the population is addicted on fictionalizing our own death. Very explicit mass scale devastation, we utilize fictional narrative not only to emotionally face with the possibility of imminent fate.

There are millions of viewers who wait for the new season to begin of The Walking Dead. How did it all begin? This extremely popular television series has become the most watched show with the most viewers ever. The show is based on the comic books. But the show has swerved away greatly already. What does everyone know about this deadly virus? Everyone has it. The virus stays dormant in the brain. And then sometimes anywhere from merely a few minutes to several hours the moment when you die, activates and the body once again starts to move and walk. Humans are the only ones that the virus infects. The virus spreads the infection rapidly, possibly being airborne. The series is about survival. Living from day to day never knowing what situation will arise and if they will live to see another day. Rick, one of the main characters took charge, once a police officer. The main characters days are filled with anything but normal.

Staying alive is everything, searching for ammunition, and safe shelter and food without going insane. Opening a window seeing the chaos, you escape in your car and head for the countryside. Every town you approach appears worse than the one you just left behind. The group of survivors see blazing buildings, corpes in the street and roads blocked by abandoned vehicles. Looters, zombies and blood in the streets, the world as they once knew it is falling apart right before their eyes.

Season 8 of The Walking Dead is returning on October 22nd. Fans are anxiously awaiting what thrills season 8 will bring to the viewers.

A Shocking 60 Percent Of Fugu Poisoning Victims Die Within Just Hours



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    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 29 seconds ago from Cicero, New York

      Good Morning Ram so glad that you enjoyed the hub and your comments are so true. You described it perfectly, awesome input. Thank you again. :)

    • Ram Ramakrishnan profile image

      Ram Ramakrishnan 29 hours ago

      An interesting elaboration of a pertinent subject. To say it in a sentence, it is the expression of fascination of the living with death and the unknown, deftly aided by transactional interests. I suppose this has existed in some form or the other for as long as 'life' has.

    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 5 weeks ago from Cicero, New York

      Good Morning Larry and thanks so much for reading and your feedback. And I have to agree with you about the saturation of zombies but there is nothing that even compares to the Walking Dead series. And now with this new horrific character, Negan it changes the series in so many ways. He is the bad guy in the series and he plays it too well. :) There was a scene last season where he was introduced and he has a bat name Lucille which is wrapped in barb wire. And he killed several of Rick's people. It was extremely gory and now, of course, everyone wants to kill him. Well, take care Larry.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 6 weeks ago from Oklahoma

      Loved the Walking Dead series, until I felt like the zombie market got over saturated.

      Wonderful read:-)