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The Faster Movie Review

Updated on April 10, 2014
Dwayne Johnson is "Driver"
Dwayne Johnson is "Driver"

The movie Faster, which stars Dwayne Johnson, is centered around Driver. This is a guy who really gets a raw deal as he and his older brother participates in a bank robbery with other accomplices.

Things turn really gruesome as a group of double crossers later set them up to take their earnings. During the set up Driver's brother is murdered and he himself was shot and left for dead. After a miraculous survival of a near fatal gunshot, Driver was sentenced to a decade in prison.

The movie begins with Driver getting released and he immediately went on a murderous spree to avenge his brother’s death. Billy Bob Thornton plays the main cop; a slimy recovering drug addict that desperately wanted to pick up the homicidal case. Later on in the movie you’ll discover just why he wanted to chase Driver so bad.

The cop isn’t such a bad character (as you’ll learn) because in Faster he shows a side of being a good father. He does his best as he tries to balance his career with is family. His drug habit, however, really did him in with his domestic life.

If you like a film with senseless killing you’ll probably love the movie Faster. I thought that the movie had plenty of holes in it. The plot was a bit all over the place, and the way how the main character was able to get away with his murderous vengeance is beyond me.

In a particular scene, Driver was able to stroll right into one of the double crosser’s place of employment, aim his firearm, shoot, then look dead at a surveillance camera. I understand its all entertainment, but who does that ?

Faster did manage to include all the ingredients of a typical action flick.Take all the shooting, a hunk, and a beefed up Chevy Chevelle SS, and you may find it worthy of a view. Don’t expect too much because frankly, I thought it really didn’t make much sense.I’ve seen the vengeance thing far too many times.

But who doesn’t like the occasional shoot-em-up movie?Don’t hold your breath hoping for anything close to being classic, though.

'71 Chevelle SS
'71 Chevelle SS | Source

Faster is rated R, and I definitely wouldn’t suggest anyone under the age of 15 to watch it.There’s very brief nudity, above average profanity, and extreme violence.Lots of shooting at point black range and even a throat slicing scene.If you’re familiar with the typical vulgarity of Billy Bob Thornton, don’t worry.His toned down character surprised me, too.

Regardless of the action sequences I thought that the movie Faster was a let down.The cast appears great on paper, having Mike Epps and Tom Berenger to add to the lead and supporting actors.Do not be fooled by the hype!If you find anything amusing outside of watching the Chevelle burn rubber, I will be surprised.

My final verdict is that you shouldn’t waste time on this cookie cutter action flick.Unless you have a crush on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, try to ignore this one.Not only is the plot regurgitated, but it lacks some serious logic.

Final Grade:

2.5 out of 10

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