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The Fighter movie - Wahlberg Hot, Bale Annoying, Leo Pretty Great, Adams Badass - Watch Me!

Updated on March 22, 2011

Sometimes I feel like going on and on about a movie. Sometimes, I just know how I feel, whether I enjoyed a movie or not, and it doesn't take that long for me to say it.

The Fighter is a good movie to spend your time on. I loved how they spliced in some real footage/bouts of "The Irish" Micky Ward with the movie. That was satisfying. At the end during the credits, there is some brief "real" footage of Micky and his brother, Dicky. Micky and Dicky. Wow.

I watched the movie with my mom, and we both had our laptops out about halfway through because we got so curious about the true story of Micky Ward. We were googling like mad - couldn't help it!  We just had to know right then.

THE SISTERS (Micky's & Dicky's sisters) are some characters a lot of people have talked about, and they are hilarious, wacky, trashy and numerous. I felt sort of delighted everytime they came on screen.  My mom and I were following up to see which ones were locals, which ones were career actresses.  Conan O'Brien's sister, Kate, plays one of them!  Now you know!

Christian Bale is annoying, BUT the person he's portraying is pretty annoying. A crackhead who thinks he's still awesome or at least wants to believe that. Sad. And Bale does a great job. I've just read too much at this point about his "method" acting. I have also met a lot of actors who prescribe to such preparation and delivery, and it just... ANNOYS me. So. Yay for him and his Oscar. I know he worked hard for it. It still annoyed me, and he is still really good in the role.

Mark Wahlberg is hot. AND he's a good actor. AND he makes me want to run my fingers over his stomach. I guess Micky Ward was a welter-weight, and he weighed in at around 145lbs. Marky Mark ain't no 145, even if he's really short. The thing is, sometimes I think he doesn't get as much recognition as he deserves because he's so muscle-y and dreamy. Sigh. Some people say he doesn't act so well; that he just goes around looking confused. I thought he was great. He makes me want to hold him :). Seriously, that's all I can think when I look at him. Nothing terribly sexual (well, not at first). I want him to put his head on my chest and let me stroke his hair. Sorry. Enough of that.

Amy Adams KICKED ASS. She was such a badass, and THANK GOD, because enough of the good girl crap. Did you see Leap Year?  Ugh.  And unlike some gals, she actually pulled off this change in typical role. Tough, self-assured, electric. I couldn't take my eyes off her.

Melissa Leo said the F-word at the Oscars. Heh. Why not?! She has been a hard-working actor for a long time, and she has had some great roles. But she really hit this one out of the park. And her hair is so extremely dyed and teased - the costuming and hair make her character. The way she curls her lips around her many, many cigarettes - brilliant.

Oh AND according to Wikipedia, the guy who plays the trainer/police officer in the movie (O'Keefe?), is actually a guy who trained the real Micky Ward. And the actor is really really good.

My mom has this new policy that she's at a point in her life when she doesn't want to watch tragedies anymore. Because life is too short and she wants to laugh. I like that. Of course, I still LOVE getting down in the muck and feeling sad. HOWEVER, this movie is a good combination of trials and tribulations and success. My mom said, "That's not a movie I would have picked out for myself, but I really liked it." See? Even my mom says watch it!


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    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Great review...I loved this wife brought out here Ipod during the movie at the theater ....looking up the true story....I thought Amy Adams did a better job than Leo....but they both got some glory....voted up

    • profile image

      Mike gile 6 years ago

      Hi, I'm greers friend and discovered your page thru his fb page. I have to disagree with u about bale, I thought he was amazing and enjoyed his character because it was so believable. I like wahlberg but bale is in another league. The other guys was hilarious and my wife also thinks he's easy in the eyes. The sisters were also so believeable it contributed to a great but gritty work. I felt like I was living it. Also a sky adams fan and honestly thought melissa leo tarnished her award with the f bomb. Shes not that big.... Yet.

    • call_me_k profile image

      call_me_k 6 years ago from LA

      hi Mike. thanks for writing. i see what you're saying about Christian Bale. he has a history of taking on big character roles that require a lot from him physically and probably mentally, too. i'm not trying to take anything away from him, really. in fact, i think he's SUPPOSED to be sort of irritating - he's a narcissistic, crack addict. and losing a bunch of weight & doing an accent are usually the key to an Oscar. i didn't mind the f-bomb but i bet Melissa Leo is regretting it just because now it's become associated with her & she probably gets asked about it all the time.

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