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The Final Episode of a Hustler

Updated on August 21, 2013

The Final Episode of A hustler in the City

Those who are following my stories on hubpages and nation humor column can attest that the predicament I went through as a hustler in Nairobi were unusual. However, as the old adage goes, “everything that has a beginning must have an end”. My predicaments came to a turning point when one day, a guy named Tony, realized my writing potential when I had presented the manuscript of this book you are currently reading and asked me if I can agree to be trained on research and professional writing.

I had to oblige immediately because I had been tired of manual labor and the inconsistency that were associated with it. In fact, I was more than excited to imagine that I was now destined to an office related work. The thought of working with a computer was even more arousing. He actually had difficult time in training me since this was the first time to be introduced in technology. The aspect of me being a slow learner also added to the difficult. Though many other trainees which we had joined together had to quit because of the” low pay” and what they considered as the “unfavorable working condition”, I had to actually press on since in my case, I had no otherwise. There is no way I was going to turn back to manual works and other related jobs. I made this vow to myself. In fact, there were many points where I decided to abandon the job because of the same reasons as my colleagues but I found myself turning to the same point, I could not really go back to manual labor.

More than eight months in this research firm, I had learnt a lot concerning computer and technology, research, data management, applications of data softwares such as SPSS and professional writing in general. The turning point came when I applied for a post of a data analyst that was advertised on the internet by a local poll firm named Synovate Group. They called me after about a week and gave me an interview on application of SPSS software on data management, which I passed with excellence. This company enrolled me immediately even without requiring any academic paper from me. With the knowledge I garnered from this firm, I am able to apply and complete various other online works on part time basis for substantial amount of money.

This was actually the turning point of my life because this is a man who was living in shutter , somewhere in a bush with a family but now lives in a three bed roomed house. A man who did not think of hiring a house worker but now has one. A man who could cross three rivers to reach his “work” /training place but can now afford the fares without any problem. A man who could sometimes sleep hungry with his family for several days because there was no food, but now has more than enough. A man who could not think of owning a computer but now has a laptop. This is surely a divine intervention!

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