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The Final Star Wars Trailer

Updated on October 20, 2015

My summary: Let me start out by saying I feel late to this trailer because as I write this it has only been 14 hours since the trailer came up and 10 million people already viewed it.

The Good: Finally It has the excitement here without just relying on the mystery of everything. We get the idea that the main characters can actually talk! We meet our actual bad guy who seems to want to finish what Darth Vader started. I loved the camera movement which adds such suspense in the trailer as things happen and blow up. You follow the main characters and hear Han Solo tell the new main characters everything that they were told really did happen. It was kickass to see Solo monologue the past and tragic to see him and Leia hugging as if something terrible is about to happen. The main character sounds like a relatable person who has a destiny.

The Bad: We still don't know hardly anything but the basic bad guy after good guy story. We still don't know the main story here. I kind of wanted to see Mark Hamill in the trailer but oh well. Some of the cinematography looks amateurish but maybe that's because I'm learning more about filming.

Verdict: Excited

I can finally say overall they made a strong trailer I can get behind. I'm not going to say I haven't seen better trailers but this definitely did something for me. Obviously you should see the trailer since it is only 2 and a half minutes. I don't know how to feel exactly about it. I want to be excited for it but I don't want to be incredibly disappointed in the end. It has a lot of hype behind it and we all know what could happen when that happens. I'll definitely go see it when it comes out for sure but I won't get my hopes up.


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