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The Firm (2012 TV Series) Review

Updated on April 29, 2012

The Firm (2012 TV Show)

The Firm 2012
The Firm 2012

One thing I always look for in a TV show is mystery. Being very heavily influenced by shows by J.J. Abrams and his "Mystery Box", it's a big factor or quality I look for when watching a new TV series. And I do believe that The Firm not only has intriguing mysteries within its plot and characters, it also deviates itself from the old-school and traditional law-related TV shows.

I find that mystery differs from suspense such that mystery is more long-term as compared to suspense. It really makes you think and makes the story very engaging. Many times, I try to predict what's going to happen or try to investigate on my own and try to unveil the mysteries and I do love the twists that make me fail. My assessment could be a bit exaggerated as I just watched the pilot last night but surely it's something very different from most court/law TV shows.

Created by the producer of shows like The Practice, Law & Order, and Boston Legal, this show has the innovative style and execution as most contemporary films or TV shows but at the same time having the pedigree of the old-school and traditional shows. It is based mainly on a novel by John Grisham and was actually already adapted into film that Tom Cruise starred in back in 1993.

The Firm (2012 TV Series) Trailer

The Firm Plot Summary

The story begins with lawyer Mitch McDeere on the run. This non-linear beginning of the story already has me engaged. Again, there is already mystery. Why is he running? Who is he running away from? What's in his bag? Who's the person he's going to meet? A minute in the show and I'm already my mind is trying to ask so many questions. This is always a good sign. I know already that the season will somehow be be focused on the events leading to this chase or the events after and I like it already.

Mitch McDeere is a hardworking and honest lawyer. He finds no guilt in defending "criminals" (he's a defense lawyer who also works for the State because he's currently struggling with starting his own firm), he says that he only wishes that the same freedoms and justice be extended to all, a sentiment that I really agree with.

The show really exposes a lot of things that are so wrong with the system. The concept of the State being having a monopoly on law and justice really makes it so susceptible to corruption and abuse of power, perhaps making justice only available to those who have money and influence. Our protagonist is that "naive" type of hero who wants to change this.

With his background on bringing a mobster boss to justice, his whole life has always been about running and hiding and now he just wants to start an honest law firm and defend the rights of those accused but obviously so many things are really making this hard for him including family life, lack of money and resources, and the threat of having to leave and runaway again to hide from those who are after him.

The Firm TV Series Cast
The Firm TV Series Cast

Like I've said in a previous TV series review I made, I've really been optimistic about the different TV shows coming out this year (having compared it to a period I referred to as the TV Renaissance). I really like the way the plots and characters of the TV world are evolving. I wasn't really big on the older TV shows on this kind of genre. I did like Suits a lot again because it was something different. If you liked Suits, then I highly recommend this show and I do think there's a good chance you will like it. Even if you haven't seen that show, The Firm is surely worth checking out.


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