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Five Images of My Avatars

Updated on March 21, 2017

I am Egyptian Pharaoh Thoth

The God of April
The God of April | Source

1 - The Egyptian Pharaoh Me

I have always been impressed with the ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures (I am half Greek myself but that is a mere coincidence). I just thought it was amazing that these cultures were able to build and maintain a civilization with no Internet or technology at their disposal.

If I had been born to Greek god Zeus and his wife Hera or Egyptian god Osiris and his wife Isis then I am certain I would have a different view of astrology. I probably would even have a different view of eating, dressing and writing. In fact I am not even certain that I would be left handed.

Take Thoth (picture at the right) for example. He was known for his knowledge, magic and secrets in his time period. Under Egyptian astrology my name would be Thoth if I were born between April 1st through April 19th and my beneficial color would be pink for male or white for female. This does not sound like my kind of fun at all but my birthday puts me directly into the Thoth dynasty.

Individuals born under the Thoth sign are enthusiastic and enterprising (well I do have my own business). They are courageous, are likely to take risks (providing there is no immediate harm to themselves or their families) and would never think of breaking their word (sounds like me as well).

In Egyptian hieroglyphics the symbol associated with the number ten looks like the small letter "n". Therefore if I had to represent my American age of 50 years in Egyptian language it would look like this:

nnnnn - 5 n's each representing 10 = 5 * 10 = 50 which makes me a 50 year old Egyptian Pharaoh who carries fruit on my head.

I am Not Greek Goddess Aphrodite

The Goddess of April
The Goddess of April | Source

2 - The Greek God Me

Aries is the first sign in the Greek zodiac meaning that the circle of life begins with April. I searched all over the Internet and the Greek God (or Goddess) I found most associated with April is a woman. Well now this is a bit awkward for me since I am a man but it seems that if I were born in April in ancient Greece I would be a Goddess known as Aphrodite. While I do see myself as not just another pretty face I will now have to come to terms that I somehow would have been linked with beauty and love.

Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love and Beauty similar to the Roman Goddess Venus.

In order to represent my American age of 50 years in ancient Greece, I would have to use a derivative of Roman numerals

1 Π = 5 and therefore Π raised to the tenth or Π10 = 50 which makes me a 50 year old Greek Goddess with absolutely no clue on how to be a woman.

I am Founder and President of MTS, Inc.

Service, Solutions and Support
Service, Solutions and Support | Source

3 - The Internet and Online Me (mts1098)

There is not a great story behind the Internet me just a common tag of mts1098 (my friends and family know me as Bill) that is used in blogger, Facebook, Google+, HubPages, Linkedin, Squidoo and StumbleUpon. While I like to be consistent with my online id and have no plans on changing this scheme, I will change my avatar periodically on each social network. In fact, you may see my red hand print stamped all over the social networks listed here.

Our computer technology consulting firm has been in business 15 years in October 2013 - incorporated in October 1998 (hence the 1098 portion of my id) and we call ourselves using our Last Name + Technology Solutions + Incorporated. I am President and Treasurer and she is Vice President and Secretary.

I am a Computer A+ Technician - This is My Computer Toolkit


I am an HRIS Supervisor and Lawson Subject Matter Expert

Lawson, Oracle (SQL), Unix (shell scripting)
Lawson, Oracle (SQL), Unix (shell scripting) | Source

I am a Jeep Guy


5 - The Technology (Cartoons and Phrases) Me

My top 15 favorite technology geek cartoons from StumbleUpon.

My top 15 favorite geek phrases from 50 years of life (25 plus years in technology and 15 years as a small business owner).

  • bits and bytes, nibbles and bits - Because the word bit is short for Binary Digit and is the smallest denomination of computer machine language translation, there are 32bit and 64bit computer architectures that handles the simultaneous transfer of bits throughout the computer. There are 8 (eight) computer bits to each computer byte but a sentence with the word byte in it could be completely misunderstood. For example: "I need a byte" is different than "I need a bite". Now, for completeness, a nibble is half a byte :)
  • document my code ? why do you think they call it code ? - If you have ever read computer code from another developer or written computer code yourself, the documentation is critical for understanding what the code does. Unfortunately not much of the documentation is accurate or even up to date. My rule of thumb here is to skip the Perl, SQL or Unix script documentation and dive into the code to figure out what it is doing.
  • friends don't let friends use Windows. I just find this very humorous and have many friends that use the Windows operating system. My take on Windows is that it is an inferior operating system compared to Linux but if you do not care that I use Linux then I do not care if you use Windows.
  • got root ? - What can I say about this phrase. As a long time Linux and Unix specialist, root is the utmost highest access level that a Linux, Unix id can have. Having this level of access simply means that you are a god or goddess of the system. I find this humorous because it is a spin off from the got milk television commercials commonly seen in the USA.
  • i did not touch anything - I usually hear this one whenever a client attempts to apply their own diagnostic, maintenance or performance solution to a problem with their hardware or software.
  • i do not know what happened - I usually hear this one whenever a client has been trying to problem solve or trouble shoot their hardware or software issue and has changed things so much that nothing works.
  • i am not anti-social, i am just not user friendly - one of the best types of support person is one that can translate between a technical person and a user. It is a bonus if you get along with a user but many technology specialists cannot interact with users. Personally, I have no problem with conversing with users and I consistently translate between their language and technology language.
  • insufficient memory at this time - How many times have you heard someone say "I do not remember" or "I cannot remember" or "that was too long ago" or "I never got that email" only to find out that they do remember but could not or would not retrieve it from the memory banks.
  • pebkac/pebcac - Problem exists between keyboard and chair for the technology professional or Problem exists between chair and controller and chair for the gamer.
  • sarcasm is just another service I offer - Dealing with technology peers, on a daily basis, this trait is common in just about every technology person I know. I can be quite sarcastic at times as well.
  • there is no place like - this has to be one of my favorite geek phrases. In computer networking this is the standard address used in the loopback of the network interface. Basically it means there is no place like home but you do not have to click your heels (3) three times to get there.
  • the box said Windows 98 or better so I installed Linux. I have worked with DOS (Disk Operating System), Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP and now Windows 7 and I never get tired of this phrase. I have converted my business and personal computing to Linux but 98% of the computers we work on are still Windows.
  • an error on your part does not translate to an emergency for us - While we return every call, email, fax and text that we receive, with regard to computer problems, we must assess each piece of communication to prioritize work input.
  • use Linux for servers, Mac for graphics, Windows for solitaire - There is simply no explanation required here.
  • what do the numbers mean? - I find Information Technology very interesting and this is probably one of the most truthful expression I have heard. Data, more specifically statistics, can mean anything you want it to depending on how you flavor it. For example there was a USA based television commercial I remember from childhood which indicated 4 (four) out of 5 (five) Dentists recommend Trident gum. The missing information here is in the form of questions. How many sets of 5 (five) Dentists did you ask before you got 4 (four) of them to recommend the gum. Were the Dentists all from the same geographical location? Were the Dentists even asked the same question, In the same time span?


Favorite Movies
Favorite Music
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    • prasadjain profile image

      Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD 3 years ago from Tumkur

      An enjoyable hub,both funny and useful

    • mts1098 profile image

      mts1098 3 years ago from InsideTheManCave

      thanks prasadjain - I had just as much fun writing and thank you for reading...cheers

    • Mark Johann profile image

      Mark Johann 3 years ago from Italy

      I feel excited with this hub and enjoying at the same time. You are right with your geeks. :)

    • mts1098 profile image

      mts1098 3 years ago from InsideTheManCave

      thanks Mark Johann - this was fun as a Pharaoh and a Goddess...the geeks are years of experience but cheers and thanks...

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