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The Flash Season 2 Episode 1 Review

Updated on October 7, 2015

Official Synopsis

Still feeling responsible for Eddie's death, Barry pushes his friends away and tries to protect the city on his own; Cisco assists Joe with the Meta Task Force.

The Good

  • The Flash is getting recognition for his heroism (even if he doesn't see it himself). This includes the love and encouragement of his friends and "The Flash Day" city celebration.
  • Barry is very human and relatable in this show. That's always been one of the elements of that made this show for me. In the face of hardship and loss, Barry reacts like any other human being. His emotions bleed through into his every action. He becomes distant out of fear. He secretly helps rebuild the city at night to assuage a portion of his guilt. He blames himself for not being the perfect hero in much the same we we tend to blame ourselves for not being perfect people. Episode really hits home as Barry deals with this.
  • The Flash crew are also very believable as they not only deal with some of the same hardships and loss, but the changes in Barry. The actor's/actresses' performances are just phenomenal at capturing that sense of realism in the incredibly unreal universe.
  • The fan service is as awesome as ever with teases of elements to come. We get another brief glimpse of Cisco's powers, Jay Garrick shows up as teased, and we get the first mention of our possible "big bad" Zoom.
  • Personally I'm glad to see the actor playing Wells return for his cameo and I'm secretly hoping we'll somehow see him again. A guy can dream, right?
  • Cisco's involvement with the police and his chemistry with Dr. Stein are also particularly awesome to me. Cisco is a great and hilarious character and I'm looking forward to his continued development.

The Bad

  • I wasn't particularly pleased with Adam Copeland's portrayal as Atom Smasher. Part of it was his generic bad guy performance, but largely the character just didn't have any room to breathe. Aside from being a bad guy, and delivering our tease at Zoom, we really don't have any reason to care about him at all.
  • I was a little bothered by the pacing in which they explained the resolving of the singularity cliffhanger from last season and it was well into the episode before I was finally satisfied with it's aversion. I still don't understand the time/space implications from Eddie's death and Eobard's erasure from existence NOT really impacting the timeline. If he never existed, why is Barry's mom still dead and all the succeeding events remain unchanged?


I'm pretty upset by the developments between Barry and his father. I feel like his only purpose here was to tie up the one loose end from season one, his motivation to free his father, and boot the character from the show. Which feels almost disrespectful to the former Flash actor, and the character in general. The whole motivation behind the characters choice to leave just feels cheap and pisses me off.

*~* End Spoilers*~*


  • Cisco's powers are still budding
  • Jay Garrick is here!
  • So is Zoom apparently
  • Wells cameos in a video will
  • The singularity was stopped and the timeline is unchanged

The Verdict

I love The Flash. I really do. Which is crazy since I can't seem to get into him in the comics. I think that's a testament to the show's realism, acting prowess, and plot strength. Also, Easter eggs and fan service don't hurt.



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