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The Fosters -- A New Arrival

Updated on June 4, 2013

A good match for Switched At Birth

Switched At Birth and The Fosters will actually be a good pairing as both feature shows about unconventional families.

Lena and Stef are married and have opened their home to foster children. Lena works at the local school, while Stef is a police officer. Brandon is Stef's natural son from her marriage to fellow officer, Mike. The twins, Jesus and Mariana, are their foster kids. Into this unconventional family comes Callie, who was beaten up in juvie right before she was to be released. Feeling sorry for the girl, Lena agrees to take Callie in temporarily and isn't able to discuss her decision because Stef is at Brandon's recital and has her phone turned off.

Needless to say, Stef is not thrilled by having a juvenile delinquent who got sent to juvie for being violent in her house. She asks Brandon to keep an eye on her. Those are words Stef will come to regret as he does what she asks a little too well.

Meanwhile Mariana claims she doesn't want to meet her bio mom, Ana. What Lena doesn't know is Mariana and Ana have been secreting chatting with each other online. Ana has asked Mariana to get her some money and she gets it by stealing some of her brother, Jesus' medicine and selling it for money. Jesus realizes that some of his meds are missing and confronts Mariana. She tells him the truth and he wants nothing to do with Ana. He says she's not their mother.

Mariana goes to meet Ana and it becomes quickly obvious that all Ana cares about is the money. Once she gets it, she can't take off fast enough.

Callie has a secret of her own. She swipes Brandon's cell phone without him knowing it and calls up someone named Jude. Afterwards, Callie is desperate to get to Jude. She tries to con a fellow classmate to take her to Tijuana but he won't do it. After Mariana tells her the best way to sneak out of school Callie decides to head there on her own. As she's sneaking out of school, Brandon sees her and follows.

On the bus down to Tijuana Callie explains that Jude is her little brother and she's afraid what might be happening to him. Her foster father beat her up and when he went after her brother she started trashing his car. He called the police on her and lied about what happened. As a result she ended up in juvie and getting a bad rep for being violent.

When they arrive at the foster home, Brandon tries to keep the foster father occupied while Callie tries to sneak in to see Jude. Unfortunately, he spots Callie and pulls a gun on the kids.

At work, Stef is having her own problems. When her partner leaves, her ex-husband Mike requests to be her new partner and his request gets approved. Stef tries to object and gets shut down. Needless to say when Lena finds out she's not thrilled. However, all three come together when they discover Brandon missing and are able to track him to Tijuana. They arrive just in time to save the kids from the gun-toting foster father. Afterwards, Stef decides they should take in both Callie and Jude for the time being.

Jennifer Lopez is the power behind this new drama and she's pretty much got most of the top minorities covered so no one can say they're not being represented. She's got a same sex couple that's also interracial. And the twins seem to be Hispanic. She's got a veritable melting pot going here.

It'll be interesting to see where this show goes.


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