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The Fosters -- Brandon's Meets A New Girl

Updated on June 24, 2014

And may find a new career

Brandon decides he wants to try a risky operation on his hand that could leave his hand more damaged or completely fix it so he can get his musical career back again. However, Stef and Mike refuse to let him do it. Conflict occurs between the Moms when Lena doesn't agree with the decision and tells Brandon she thinks he should have the operation if he wants to.

Stef must have hearing like radar sonar cause the moment Lena steps out of Brandon's room, Stef accuses her of trying to undermine her with their son. Lena corrects her by saying, "Don't you mean your son?" still stung that Stef didn't get her input on the Brandon situation and instead only got Mike's input. Later Stef and Lena go back to Brandon and Stef says it's Brandon's decision on what he wants to do.

Meanwhile Callie suggests Brandon' could take this as an opportunity to find a new kind of music to make. She and Mariana get Brandon to go to this club to listen to a band play and Brandon is entranced by the lead singer, Lu. Some old friends of his are also in the band and ask for his help with the music. Initially he turns it down, but when he's back home he looks Lu up on the Internet and listens to her singing and it inspires him to take out his electronic keyboard. Afterwards, Brandon says he wants to wait to see if his hand heals on his own and not do the operation, after all.

Jude is excited when Connor's father invites him to go to the batting field to see if he has any talent for baseball. While there, Jude can see Connor's dad is one of those men who wasn't able to make it at the game and now is pushing their son to be the success in baseball that he isn't. He's also homophobic. He sees Jude put his hand on Connor's back to comfort him when his father is acting like a jerk to Connor. After that, Connor tells Jude his father wants him to have nothing to do with Jude because he thinks Jude is gay.

Callie's daddy drama with Robert Quinn continues. He keeps coming to the fast food joint to see her without revealing who he is. Meanwhile his lawyers tell Lena, Stef and Callie he won't sign off on the adoption papers unless Callie takes a DNA test and promises to not go after his wealth. He's also supposed to come and meet her during the DNA test, only he doesn't show. Later, a curious Callie looks Robert Quinn up on the Internet and realizes he's her generous tipping customer. The next time he stops in she confronts him. He claims he never knew about her and knows she's his daughter without a test cause she looks just like his younger daughter. Then he leaves handing Callie an envelope. It's a letter from her half-sister saying she'd love to meet Callie. Looking at the picture she enclosed Callie is able to seem the resemblance they share.

Jesus is having problems in his relationship with Emma. She's very aggressive and controlling. She decides they should have sex in the backseat of the car and then tells Jesus what to do to get her off and it succeeds in totally turning off Jesus, who calls a halt to it. Then when Jesus suggests they go on a romantic date and possible make love on the beach, afterwards, she basically pisses all over that. Says how the sand will get into your junk and other intimate areas making it anything but romantic, as well as there being bugs and stuff. Jesus finally has enough and confronts her about how controlling she is. She doesn't take being told the truth well and basically dumps him. Seriously, the girl just doesn't get her control freak behavior during sex would turn any guy into a limp biscuit. Not to mention her ordering, "Kiss me here. Get on top. No let me be on top," is a total passion killer.

I'm guessing Emma and Jesus are on the way out and Jesus will be meeting someone new, again. Maybe he's going to be the Switched At Birth's Daphne of The Fosters. If you watch Switched At Birth you know that with every new season Daphne has a new love interest.

Stef subtly tries to question Mike's girlfriend about the night Mike got drunk and had blood all over his hands. Of course, trouble-making Dani gets Mike to thinking Stef is trying to use his drinking to keep him away from Brandon. Stef assures Mike that wasn't what she was doing and was worried he might have carried out his threats against Ana. He claims he got into a fight with a man at a bar and never saw Ana. However, when he leaves, the look on Mike's face says he's lying. Meanwhile Stef doesn't mention to Mike she has a witness who saw him with Ana that night she disappeared.

Meanwhile at school, Lena is trying to go for the position of principal but gets an unwelcome surprise. Timothy is going to be on the deciding committee. Lena gets all huffy cause Timothy refused to sign the papers to be a surrogate father to her and Stef's baby. She thinks he should withdraw from the committee because of conflict of interest, but he refuses. Something tells me she hasn't told him his sperm hit a bulls eye and he knocked her up. Maybe Lena should be greasing the wheels instead of acting all haughty towards him for when he finds out. Cause surely he will and when he does he'll most likely sue for custody and visitation rights.


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