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The Fosters -- I've Never Dealt With That Kind Of Pain

Updated on July 24, 2013

Mariana tells the truth...sort of

Brandon kept saying after his piano teacher told him to embrace that pain that he's never experienced that kind of pain or something akin to it, and it was obvious it was foreshadowing for that kind of pain to visit itself upon him. The question was who would be the one to cause him that kind of pain and that handwriting on was on the wall that it would be his father, Mike.

For weeks I thought Mike was a dead man walking. I thought he would get killed after driving under the influence. Then I thought maybe I was wrong, and I was glad that I was, because I actually found myself liking Mike despite the trouble he tended to cause. But the writing was really on the wall, this episode. It wasn't just Brandon's lament of not having suffered that kind of pain. It's also bringing up Mike's drinking problem, that caused him to be put on desk duty and was adversely affecting the way he was performing his job. In short, all the warning signs were there that Mike was going down.

In other news the Moms reported what Callie told them and Sarah was removed from the house, but that was about all that happened. The big moment of Callie telling the Moms about what happened turned into much ado about nothing. Actually, Callie became more concerned about Talya when some boys showed a video in class of her getting drunk and dancing and stripping off all her clothes. She tried to extend a hand of friendship to her and encouraged Brandon to give his ex another shot. Brandon ended up taking her to a concert.

Meanwhile Callie was trying to do some damage control with Wyatt. After she told him to butt out, he did just that. She told him she would be at a silent movie for class and hoped he would show up to keep her company. He claimed to have plans, but he showed up and the two had a good time making up dialogue for the movie.

I have to say I really like the Wyatt character. I think he's cuter and more interesting that Brandon is. I liked the way he tried to defend Callie from Liam. Wyatt is definitely a keeper.

Mariana had opened up a can of worms contacting her bio mom, and now she had enough of her constant demands for money, she couldn't close the can back up. Ana kept calling her up wondering when she was going to give her some more money. She even tried to suggest that Mariana promised to steal something from the Moms so she could sell it, but Mariana set her straight and reminded her that was her idea and said she wasn't going to steal from her mothers for her.

Then Mariana made the mistake of taking Jesus to meet her and he quickly got sucked into Ana Land, himself. She was living in a crack house with a boyfriend and Jesus wanted to rescue her from it. He found a place she could go that was for free and went back to the crack house to see her, then became incommunicado.

When Mariana discovered Jesus lied to her about going out with Lexi she released he'd gone back to the crack house and when she couldn't reach him on her cell, she felt she had no choice. She went to the Moms and told them she had gotten in contact with her bio mom [leaving out the part where she stole Jesus' drugs to give the woman money] and was afraid Jesus was at the crack house with Ana.

Meanwhile Lena's ex Gretchen came to town and wanted to meet Stef. Stef didn't appear jealous of the woman, as she brought up all the good times she shared with Lena and the Lena she knew opposed to the one Stef knew. Trouble did arise, however, when Gretchen brought up how much Lena wanted to get married and asked if Stef and Lena had made their relationship legal. It turns out Stef is against same sex marriage and doesn't believe in it. She declared that Lena and her were married in their hearts and that was enough. However, Gretchen was like a dog with a bone and kept hammering home to Stef how much Lena wanted a real wedding and to wear a white wedding dress.

After Gretchen made a hasty exit, Stef demanded to know if Lena expected her to propose to her. That argument was interrupted by Mariana's news about Jesus. Stef grabbed her gun and headed to the crack house. Just as she was about to enter, Mike suddenly showed up, and the exes entered the house with guns drawn. A few minutes later from outside the house gunshots were heard.

Now it could have been Jesus or Stef that got hurt, but I really feel it's going to be Mike. Like I said, I've had this vibe that Mike was going to be a goner sooner rather than later. In this episode the overtone was overbearing. Mike seemed to be working double jobs to pay for Brandon's music lessons and he was back to drinking again. Brandon even told Stef how Mike once drove drunk while he was in the car with him. And Mike blamed Stef for ratting him out when she was given a new partner when a bust almost went bad because of Mike. It just seems he was a man about to drown. Then you had Brandon's ominous repeating of never having suffered the kind of pain his teacher wants him to tap into and you knew something very bad was coming.

Mike dying could cause a whole heap of trouble in the Foster family. Brandon could blame both Jesus and Mariana for it, because it happened because of their bio mom. And Stef would have the added pressure of trying to pay for the music lessons for Brandon that Mike was paying for.

I really think it was Mike who got shot and it'll be Mike who ends up dying.


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