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The Fosters -- Meeting Sophia And The Quinn Family

Updated on July 14, 2014

Lena gets another disappointment

In this episode when Callie meets Sophia, Jude has an unexpected reaction to the news he's not Callie's only sibling. And Robert Quinn's wife seems shocked that Robert hasn't signed the adoption papers, yet. Meanwhile, Mariana is still trying to get in good with the popular kids and be truly accepted as one of them and she worries Jesus might ruin things for her. And Timothy surprises Lena and so does Stef.

Callie finally tells Jude about Sophia and that she's going to be meeting her and Jude seems to take it okay, but seems is the key word. When he won't speak to Connor at school it just seems like he's giving him the silent treatment. Then when the teacher asks him to answer a question, he also refuses to speak. Finally, Lena becomes a bit worried and asks Callie to get Jude to talk and he won't speak to her, either. It seems Jude's reaction to learning that he's not Callie's only sibling is to go mute.

In the meanwhile, Stef takes Callie to meet Sophia. The girls get on like gangbusters and make plans to meet at the mall for a day of shopping. It seems Robert's wife if unaware he's dragging his feet about signing the papers so the Moms can adopt Callie. She finds out the truth when Stef in her usual blunt way says as soon as Robert signs the papers they can adopt Callie. It seems pretty obvious that Robert doesn't want to let Callie go, but I doubt his wife would ever agree to bringing her into their family so she could have a constant reminder of his first love.

Lena accuses Timothy of sabotaging her when she doesn't get the principal job. Timothy says he voted for her, but they wanted to bring in someone new. Then Lena starts yapping about how Timothy went back on his word to her and wouldn't sign the papers and accuses him of having no honor. To prove that he does, Timothy goes through with it and signs the papers. Then Stef shocks Lena by suggesting that maybe Timothy could play some part in the baby's life when it's born.

Lu becomes suspicious about Callie and Brandon's true relationship when he won't let the band use the song he wrote for Callie. Even though he doesn't reveal he wrote the song for Callie, Lu figures it out and props Callie for info on their relationship. Meanwhile Callie admits she loves Wyatt but hasn't told him how she feels because she feels by telling Wyatt she loves him it would be a betrayal to Brandon. See what I mean about how easily they could resurrect the Brandon and Callie monster? Stuff like this just sets off warning bells.

Mariana learns Jesus slept with a member of her dance squad and that Hayley is really into him. Mariana tells him he'd better call her again and treat her right, or it could reflect negatively on her. Meanwhile Mariana is still worrying that she only got on the dance squad because of Affirmative Action and because she's a minority. As a result, when the group has to decide on a new member for the dance group, she votes against the girl whose a minority but clearly the best, figuring they have one minority in her, why do they need another. However, the rest of the dance team vote for the girl whose best.

Hayley finally reveals the truth about why Mariana made the dance squad even though she wasn't the best one of audition. It isn't because she's a minority, but because they thought Lena would be the new principal and figured the dance squad wouldn't get cut in budget cuts if they had the new principals daughter on it. So when Mariana discovers that Lena didn't get the principal job she begins to worry the dance squad made decide to dump her because she'll no longer be the future principal's daughter.

I honestly don't know what's going on with Jesus. His story just isn't very interesting or compelling this season. While I could understand why he didn't want to boff the overly aggressive Emma, he just seems like a male ho for jumping in the sack with this Hayley girl who isn't very interesting as a potential new love interest for Jesus. Emma made an interesting choice and the two had chemistry but the show kind of ruined it back when Jesus chose Lexi over Emma.

I guess the big question is how are they going to get Jude to talk, again. Will Callie have to break all ties with Sophia and have nothing to do with her so Jude won't fell threatened about their relationship?

I also have to say I've missed MIke and all his massive dysfunction for the last two weeks. It would seem that it's going to have to come out about Brandon having sex with his father's girlfriend. What will potential new girlfriend Lu think when she finds out. And just how will Mike take it when he finds out? And will he be able to break up with his toxic girlfriend or will he stay with her because he needs her to provide an alibi for him so he doesn't go down for murdering Ana.

And more importantly just what will Stef do when she discovers Mike's girlfriend basically seduced her drunk son. Something tells me she's not going to be understanding about it.


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