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The Fosters -- Recapturing Some Of The Magic In The Finale

Updated on April 1, 2014

Hopefully, the show's back on track

The finale seemed to be bringing the show back to the basics. I don't know if it was ABC Family that asked for the show to be turned into the Callie and Brandon love fest, but by doing that the show got really damaged. For a change the finale was a well-balanced hour.

Timothy informs Lena he can't be her sperm donor. He just can't have a child and have nothing to do with it. So he refuses to sign the contract. Big problem is Lena was inseminated with his sperm before he was supposed to sign the contract. Even bigger problem is Timothy's swimmers hit a bulls eye and Lena is pregnant with Timothy's child. Can anyone say custody battle when the baby is born?

Lena thinks Stef's moodiness is because she doesn't really want Lena to have a baby, and she admits it's true. Then she explains it's because of all the mess she's currently dealing with. That's when Stef confides in Lena everything that's going on with Brandon. He bribed Ana to lie so Mike wouldn't get in trouble and now Ana is back wanting money from her. Stef reveals she plans to get Ana on tape trying to blackmail her so she can put her away and get her out of their lives for good. Only problem is Ana doesn't show and it's possible Mike took matters in his own hand.

Mike dumps his girlfriend and kicks her out of his apartment for giving Brandon the money and not telling him. Unfortunately, she comes back and finds Brandon drunk. She tells Brandon to take his clothes off and one thing leads to another and the two are dancing in Mike's sheets. A drunk Mike calls Brandon saying how sorry he is that he's caused this mess and making threats about how if he sees Ana he'd like to kill her. So has Mike just made things worse for himself?

Zach reveals to Mariana that his mother has early onset Alzheimer's and if he tries to get her any help his Dad will make him go live with him and that means the end for Zach and Mariana. But things get worse with his mother and Zach has no choice but to call his father to get help with his mother.

Mariana was the voice of reason about people with mental problems. Not only did she encourage Zach to call his Dad to get his Mom help, she also got Jesus to go back on his meds. She tells Jesus she doesn't like who he is off his meds and says he needs to start taking him so she can have her brother back and he agrees. Later, a medicated Jesus goes to Emma and apologizes for the way he's been acting and Emma agrees to give him another chance.

Okay, is this horrible to admit that I really didn't notice any great difference between Jesus on meds and off meds. The writers really didn't do much to show the difference and why Jesus needs to be on his meds.

Jude had problems with his BFF Connor when a girl that Connor likes called Jude up and asked him out and Connor made it clear he wanted to go out with her. Jude was filled with jealousy over Connor's interest in the girl and the two had a fight. Later, Jude asked Lena if that means he's gay. Lena says he could just be jealous because Connor is his best friend and it doesn't necessarily mean he's gay.

Brandon has more problems with his ex partner in crime, Vico. Both are waiting outside the principals office and Vico says because of Brandon he's been kicked off the wrestling team and a scout was interested in him. That a wrestling scholarship was his only way of finally getting away from his father. Meanwhile Brandon's audition goes successfully and it looks like he may have a future as a concert pianist. Later, Vico makes sure that never happens by attacking Brandon and slamming his hand in a car door.

The whole family gathers to celebrate Jude and Callie's adoption only there's a glitch. It turns out that Jude's father isn't Callie's and there's a different father's name on Callie's birth certificate. That means Lena and Stef can't adopt Callie until they track down her real father and get his permission to adopt her.

Callie doesn't want to ruin things for Jude so she insists that his adoption go forward, so Jude officially becomes a foster. Afterwards, Callie feels like she's cursed because nothing ever works out for her. Rosie counsels her to not do what she always does and run away and just stick it out to things get better. Later, Callie and Wyatt share a kiss, but does a relationship with them really stand a chance. Especially with Brandon giving Callie the lusty eye throughout the whole adoption ceremony and now that Callie isn't legally his sister that leaves the door open for him.

Since Brandon's been hurt, Callie will probably rush to his side and the Callie and Brandon nightmare will start up in earnest again. There's also the possibility that Callie's real father won't agree to her being adopted and want custody of her.

In other cliffhangers what will Timothy do when he learns Lena is pregnant with his child? And what happened to Ana? Is she dead? Could Mike have gotten so drunk that he hunted the troublesome woman down and killed her?

So the show ended it's first season with a lot of interesting cliffhangers.

One last cliffhanger involved Mike's girlfriend. Will it come out that Brandon had sex with her? Will Dani get her hooks in Mike by providing him with a false alibi so he won't be accused of having killed Ana? Could Dani turn up pregnant with Brandon's kid? I mean, there surely has to be more than a one nighter that's forgotten, otherwise why did they even have Brandon have sex with Mike's girlfriend. There would seem to be some kind of long lasting consequences for the incident.

I guess only time will tell when the new season starts. Here's hoping the show keeps its balance now it appears to finally have it back.


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