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The Fosters -- Season 2 Summer Premiere

Updated on June 17, 2014

A jump in time doesn't erase the problems of the past...

Instead of picking up exactly where the show left off, the show picks up a few months later. Flashbacks deal with the aftermath of Brandon's beating.

After Vico finished smashing Brandon's hand in the car door, Brandon crawled into his car and tooted the horn. The doctors operated on his hand, but it's still a mystery if he'll ever be able to play again. Stef seems appalled when Vico just gets a slap on the wrist for what he did to Brandon. Probably helps he's got a rich daddy to pull strings. The end result is Brandon is a lot more tolerable this season worrying more about his hand than getting into Callie's pants.

He also has other problems. He wasn't happy to learn that Dani got her hooks back into Mike and he's even asked her to move back in with him. Brandon believes Mike is clinging to Dani cause he thinks she's responsible for getting him back on the wagon, but Brandon confronts her about all the secrets she's keeping from his father. At one point it seems Brandon is going to tell Mike that his girlfriend crawled into his pants the first chance she got. Instead he confesses he can't feel his fingers and he doesn't know who he is if he doesn't have his music, since he felt it defined who he is.

Callie initially decides not to seek out her bio-dad, Robert Quinn. That's before the judge says Lena and Stef can't adopt her and she gets yanked out of the Foster's home and put in the home of a woman that locks her in her bedroom at night. Stef manages to get Callie returned to the Foster's as they get re-established as a foster home. And Callie decides to find her bio-dad so she can become a real Foster since it's what she most wants.

She's completely unaware her real father has found her when he comes in to the burger joint she's working at. In the car he has a younger daughter that looks exactly like Callie. So it seems Callie has another sibling aside from Jude.

Mariana has gone blonde. Flashbacks show that when she got on the cheer leading squad she overheard a couple of students claiming she only got her spot because she's a minority. So she thinks by going blonde it makes her look less like a minority.

Jesus and Emma are going strong, but Emma is upset the guys on the wrestling team are including Jesus in stuff but excluding her from them. I hate to say it, but I think I liked Lexi and Jesus better. Too bad they had to end that relationship so fast.

Mike doesn't like it when he discovers Stef is trying to find Ana and to leave it alone. As it turns out there may be a very good reason he wants Stef to leave it alone. Like maybe he killed Ana and doesn't want anyone to find out about it. And Stef starts thinking the same way when Brandon tells her how Dani found Mike with blood all over him. So Stef goes to talk to the man who last saw Ana arguing with a man and shows him Mike's picture. He tells her that's the man he saw arguing with Ana.

As a first episode for the new season it was a good one. I actually enjoyed it more than Switched At Birth. The hour just went by fast as Switched At Birth just dragged and made me wonder if the episode would ever be over. That's how I felt at the height of the Brandon and Callie mess. So the show has gotten backs to its roots, thank goodness. Let's hope it continues to stay on track.

Callie is currently dating Wyatt and I like Wyatt and Callie, but I'm not a fool. I think the show is just having Callie and Brandon be on a break for the moment. That's probably why there's all the trouble of Callie getting adopted by Lena and Stef, cause once that happens it'll be a no-no for Callie and Brandon. But as long as she doesn't become an official Foster the door is still open for them. Which makes it hard to really get into Wyatt and Callie as it seems like it has the Brandon anvil hanging over its head just waiting to fall and flatten it. I also felt like in one or two scenes Brandon was sending out the "I want you, Callie" vibes, but thankfully it was very subtle, unlike the overbearing quality of last season. As for Callie, since she wants to be a Foster the most, she's safely slotted Brandon into the big brother slot for the moment, at least.

I guess the big Brandon question this season is how long he's going to keep quiet over the fact Dani screwed his brains out the first chance she got. I guess it'll depend on how toxic Dani behaves in regards to Mike. This chick seems to have some major problems, not to mention being very manipulative. It makes you wonder just what she'll pull next. So it seems the truth will come out sooner or later.

Emma and Jesus were kind of interesting last season, but they've kind of lost the spark. I wonder how the show will spice them up, or if the show will dump Emma and Jesus the same way they did Jesus and Lexi. Will Jesus get a new girlfriend with each new season or half-season of the show?

I have to say that blonde is not a good look for Mariana. I wonder if this is the beginning of Mariana taking drastic steps to fit in with the crowd at school and not feel like an outsider. Let's hope she doesn't go down the same road her mother did as her bio-mom Ana has.

How will Jude feel about not being Callie's only sibling and will Callie decide she'd rather live with Robert Quinn and be his daughter instead of becoming a Foster?

Finally, did Mike kill Ana and will Stef cover up for him if she finds he did? And from previews it seems Stef and Lena may be having some problems in regards to their different approaches to raising the kids.

So, so far, the season is looking good for the show and it seems to have recovered from the mess it was last season.


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