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The Fosters -- Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Updated on June 18, 2013

Who will Brandon pick: Two moms or one dad?

Original Airing: June 17, 2013

Daddy Mike was once again causing trouble in the Foster household. This time he was trying to get Brandon to move out of the over-crowded Foster household and move in with him. Meanwhile, Jesus was suffering punishment at home and at school, while precious little Mariana continued to skate for her crimes. And an assignment by her teacher put some dangerous info about Callie in the hands of an enemy.

Brandon was getting irritated about having to share a bathroom with four other people and not being able to get into it. Then the Moms got all up in his grille and he stormed out. Enter Daddy Mike, who seems to serve as the official spoiler. He offers to let Brandon move in with him. Brandon would have his own space and not have to deal with some of the hassles of living in a full house is giving him.

Talia is all for Brandon moving out, as long as it means getting him away from Callie. Callie isn't thrilled by it, thinking she won't get to see him anymore. And Jesus thinks if Brandon goes his room will belong to him. When Brandon rags on him about selling his pills at school, Jesus confides to Brandon it was really Mariana who stole his pills and sold them at school to give to their bio mom. Brandon tells Jesus there's going to come a time Jesus is going to have to stop making it easy for Mariana.

Brandon decides to stay where he is in the end.

Lena's big concern this week is Jude. He needs to at least score a 65 on his placement test to be allowed to remain at school. Only problem is Jude is having a hard time learning. Lena spends time tutoring him, but in the end she changes one of the answers on his test so he'll be able to make 65.

Callie has problems at school, as well. Her teacher wants her to write in a journal for a school assignment, and she eventually writes in it about someone named Liam. Bad problem is someone reads what she wrote. At first she thinks it's Mariana and I thought the same thing. It's just like something she'd do. Jude is shocked that Callie wrote about Liam. Callie decides to destroy her journal, but she later finds out it's already too late. Someone worse than Mariana read it.

While the Moms decide to have a group night in front of the TV to celebrate Brandon staying, talk comes up for what a good name would be for a bad guy. Talia pipes up the name Liam and smugly looks at Callie, making sure Callie knows she's the one who read her journal. When Callie realized someone had read it, Talia had dropped by and Callie had told her she didn't believe Brandon would go through with moving out. So Talia went up and snooped in Callie's room and read her journal.

This girl is like 16. Isn't that a little young to be this hardcore over a boy she's just dating. They're not engaged. Odds are Brandon isn't the boy she'll marry. This girl seems to have been watching too much Pretty Little Liars and is channeling Mona or Ali. She really needs to chill.

Jesus finds taking the rap for Mariana has consequences. Not only isn't he allowed any Internet access at home and has to sneak into Brandon's room and use his computer to IM Lexi, he's also serving detention at school. When Lena catches him playing in a game at school, she tells him he's also restricted from doing that. Jesus says he doesn't mind and he can handle it, but it seems Mariana also doesn't want Jesus to date her best friend, Lexi.

Jesus arranges to secretly meet Lexi, but he almost doesn't go. When he does he says they can't be together because Mariana wouldn't like it. However, when he sees that Mariana has been lying to him and she's still chatting online with their bio mom, Ana, it's the straw that broke the camel's back. He decides to go for what he wants and too bad if Mariana doesn't like it, and what he wants is Lexi.

I thought the show might be planning to develop something between Callie and her long-haired classmate, who also didn't want to do a journal. He seems as out of place at that school as Callie does. But from previews it looks like something is going to happen between Callie and Brandon and he's going to drop his mean girl girlfriend, Talia. Maybe something will still happen. Little Talia knows Callie's deep dark secret and she does seem the type to try and blackmail someone she's so hardcore when it comes to Brandon. So I could see her demanding Callie stay away from Brandon or she'll reveal what she knows about Liam.

I still don't get the people complaining about Callie and Brandon being siblings and they shouldn't go there romantic-wise. Callie isn't Brandon's sibling. He just met her and the moms have made it clear Callie is only staying there until they find her and Jude a permanent home. Of course, they'll probably change their mind, but if a romance happens before that happens, the window where Brandon and Callie think of themselves as siblings has passed.

The biggest question of the moment is when the moms are going to learn the truth about precious perfect Mariana. Callie almost blew her out of the water with the moms, telling them they don't even know what Mariana is really like, when she thought she'd read her journal. And Brandon now knows the truth, as well. So basically the moms and Jude are the only ones who don't know. This thing has got to come out sooner rather than later. The fact Mariana is still in touch with bio mom Ana, who will probably want some more money, means Mariana will try and gain it through some other illegal means. Hopefully, this time she'll get caught.


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