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The Fosters -- Stef and Lena Get Married

Updated on August 6, 2013

Or will they?

In a bit of business left over from last week we learn Stef always remembered what happened and she lied she couldn't remember to cover for whatever Mike said about the shooting. Of course, Ana, the bio-mom and junkie, is once again causing problems. She's telling lies about how her man had his hands up surrendering when Mike shot him. If Stef now tells the truth she could lose her job, so she can't do anything to prove Ana's lying.

And in more old news, Liam's trial is coming up. The DA tells Callie the judge won't believe her if she says Liam forced himself on her, but he could get jail time if Callie says the sex was consensual and get him on having sex with a minor. At the trial Callie can't lie, so she tells the truth and unfortunately the truth sets Liam free.

Lexi's mother continues to be a real piece of work. If Lexi thought she'd gotten the upper hand over Mommy Dearest by threatening to reveal they were all illegal if she didn't back-off on sending her away to make sure she couldn't have teen sex with Jesus, she's about to find out just how psycho her mother truly is.

If I recall correctly the family came from Honduras to save their lives. Well, Mommy Dearest has decided they should all go back to Honduras permanently. I guess whatever danger they face will be worth it if she can't prevent her daughter from having teen sex. Lexi's father, who pretty much is run around by the nose by the mother is lying to Lexi that her grandmother is sick and that if they leave he's got a way for them to come back into the US. I wouldn't be surprised if this story is leading to Jesus marrying Lexi and giving her psychotic controlling mother the middle finger.

Back to the main event, the wedding. We finally met all four parents of Stef and Lena. Lena's father is Stephen Collins aka Reverend Camden from 7th Heaven. I had to crack up that he got ordained over the internet so he could perform the wedding ceremony. Lena's daddy is actually not such a preachy dude you sometimes want to smack him in the face like you did Reverend Camden. He seems pretty cool and seems to care more about feelings that what society says is right and wrong. He's married to a black woman and he doesn't seem to have any problems with his daughter being gay and wanting to marry a woman. He's the total antithesis of Stef's father.

And Stef's mother is none other than Annie Potts from Designing Women fame. Unlike her husband, she seems very accepting of Stef's choice of a mate. Stef and her get into it when she goes out and buys Stef a wedding gown which Stef refuses to wear. She also tangles with Lena's mother, who wants a very posh flower arrangement, while our girl Annie is more down to earth. She also gets into it with Stef's father and orders him to give over his issues and come to his daughter's wedding. Per usual, she's quite a pistol.

She also had the most touching moment with Stef. When Stef apologized for not being the daughter she dreamed of having, she basically said that Stef had surpassed her dreams. That's a wonderful thing to say and kind of makes up for her father's behavior towards the choices she's made in her life.

Stef and Lena also have problems when Lena gets tired of Stef referring to their wedding as a stupid wedding. After their fight, Stef realizes she keeps saying stuff like that because she knows that's how her father feels about it. This prompts Stef to go to her father's and tell him not to come to her wedding.

Lena also has issues about Stef returning to work. She's not thrilled when she learns that Stef has already set a return date. Afterwards she asks to see Stef's bullet wound so she can come to terms with what happen and to deal with it possibly happening again.

Finally, Stef and Lena tell Callie and Jude they want to adopt them and make them permanent members of the family. Everyone is happy and the future seems bright. That is, until Callie decides to act on her feelings for Brandon and kiss him. Unfortunately for her Jude sees it and he's furious with her.

He tells her she's always ruining everything. They've finally got a home and she's just gone and ruined it. He said that she's selfish and what she does affects him because they're considered a package deal. This prompts Callie to promise not to be selfish any longer.

When everyone is asleep after Stef and Lena say their vows, she decides to sneak away and leave so Jude can keep his home with the Fosters. She goes to Wyatt who told her his mother wants them to move away since they lost their house. At first, he refuses to take her with him, but when he sees her walking down the street alone he stops and picks her up.

When the show started I actually liked Brandon and Callie, but when I saw her with Wyatt I liked them better. While I'm sorry she felt the need to runaway, at least it hopefully means Wyatt will still be around. I think he may be my favorite character on the show.

As for the second half of the season they've set up a lot of stories. What's going to happen with Mike's drinking. Will the Ana problem ever go away. Will the Moms find out why Callie felt the need to run away and what will they think about that? And will Lexi discover what her devious mother is planning or will she go to Honduras and be trapped there. Also, now the Moms want to adopt Callie and Jude will there father suddenly show up back in the picture?

Tune in in January and find out.


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