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The Fosters -- The Baby Moon

Updated on July 12, 2014

Is the honeymoon over for Lena and Stef?

Callie's daddy drama took a backseat to Lena and Stef announcing they were going off for the weekend on a Baby Moon. So what is a Baby Moon? It's similar to going on a honeymoon after you get married, but this a trip a couple takes to spend quality time with each other before the baby is born. I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a new fad as a lot of viewers tend to copy things they see on a TV show. Like a lot of people started saying I heart instead of I love after Sex And The City. It's actually a good idea. Your life does change once you have a baby. However in Stef and Lena's case since they already have several children it shouldn't have that radical a change on their life.

Stef is having a good time on the Baby Moon, but Lena isn't. She feels like they've lost that loving feeling and have grown apart. But they seem to get back to where Lena wants them to be by the end of their trip. Maybe it's just me, but Lena always seems to have her nose out of joint about something. Maybe they can pin it on pregnancy hormones. Still, she seems like a person that's always unhappy about something. Maybe she has depression issues that will be addressed at a later date. Maybe it'll come about if she develops postpartum depression.

While the Moms are off on vacation, Callie and Brandon are left in charge. Unfortunately, things quickly spin out of control. Brandon's band decides to have a practice session at the house and then Mariana invites everyone for a party to garner popularity points that her bleached blonde hair doesn't seem to be getting her. It puts Callie in the position of being the responsible one.

The interesting thing is if Mariana would stop trying to fit in, she might find a potential new boyfriend in a member of Brandon's band. The guy seemed like he might be interested in her, but all she can think about is fitting in and being accepted as one of the popular girls.

Jude is still stung by Connor's dad not wanting Connor to have anything to do with Jude because he thinks Jude may be gay. When Connor offers to be secret friends with Jude, Jude says thanks but no thanks. Then he invites the girl they had their first fight over to the party and her friend. Connor shows up claiming he told his father he was coming, but that's all just a lie.

The four teens end up in the closet playing spin the bottle. An awkward moment arrives when the kissing is supposed to begin. Then Connor's homophobic dad shows up and finds Jude in the closet with two girls, while Connor ducks out and hides from his father. What Homophobic Dad thinks about Jude being in the closet with two girls remains to be seen. It actually gives new meaning to coming out of the closet, this time.

Jesus truly is the Switched At Birth's Daphne of this show. If you watched Switched At Birth you know Daphne is a man magnet and every season she has a new boyfriend and sometimes even two. Jesus just broke-up with Emma and it isn't long before he's hooking up with a member of Mariana's dance squad. He quickly has sex with her in the house, learning nothing from the incident with Lexi that happened in the same bed. Let's hope he learned enough to at least wear a rubber, this time. We don't need to go through the whole Morning After Pill thing, again.

Wyatt is surprised to see Callie and Brandon acting like a real brother and sister. I am, too, and I don't kind of trust it. It wasn't that long ago ABC Family was pushing them hard as some Romeo and Juliet couple. This may just be a cooling off period until the whole thing starts up again. Until Callie is officially adopted by Lena and Stef, they could resurrect the awful Callie and Brandon pairing in a nanosecond.

Anyway, Callie ends up playing matchmaker for Brandon and his potential new girlfriend, Lu, the lead singer of the band. They're like oil and water and they don't mix. Lu thinks Brandon is a spoiled brat until Callie tells her about how Brandon got his hand smashed and lost his chance at being a concert pianist.

When Brandon gets up and sings the song he wrote for Callie during their doomed teen lovers phase [see what I mean about resurrecting the thing] to come the natives and get them out of the house and to keep them out of the house, Lu joins him on stage and they make beautiful music together.

Afterwards it seems the kids will survive the party without and damage being down to the house. That is until what looks like a bunch of football jocks ram the porch swing into the plate glass window and smash it. But it's Wyatt to the rescue as he says he can fix it before the Moms get home.

By the time Lena and Stef get home it looks like a party never happened. However, since they called during said party and figured out what was going on, they secretly know one did. And then in one of those moments that just makes you groan in disgust, the porch swing suddenly swings into the recently repaired plate glass window and smashes it again.

It was a nice little episode that introduce everyone to the concept of taking a Baby Moon before you have a baby. It was a nice little episode all in all.


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