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The Fosters -- The Brandon/Callie Mess Is Killing This Show

Updated on March 20, 2014

This show has changed and not for the better

When this show started it was a great show about this same sex couple and the foster kids they adopted trying to form a family. It was very balanced, but as the new season began it became all about the icky teen pairing of Brandon and Callie. It absolutely dominated the show and pretty much ruined the show that once was. It's actually become a chore to continue to watch this show than the pleasure it once was.

Anyway, after getting a break from the icky teen ick fest for a few weeks it was reignited thanks to Mike's creepy girlfriend. Mike is the original hard luck did and he has no idea of the manipulative and conniving woman he's hooked himself up with. Anyway, her latest manipulation involving Brandon was to put a bug in his ear that with Brandon living with Mike there was no reason he shouldn't pursue Callie romantically and even suggested Brandon could even have sex with Callie at Mike's apartment. And that was all he needed to get him revved up again.

He texted Callie to come over to Mike's as he went all out and wrote a love song he intended to sing for Callie. Only things didn't work out the way Brandon planned and Callie ended up standing him up.

Callie got a phone call from a young male asking if she was still mad at him, and I swear the first person I thought it was was Liam. It was Wyatt, whose back in town. God, I can't believe how I missed him and what a breath of fresh air he is in comparison with brooding Brandon.

Anyway, Callie discovered that Wyatt was living on the streets and showering at school so she took him to Daphne and got her to take him in so he won't be living on the streets. Of course, Brooding Brandon understands nothing that involves Wyatt since his jealous of Wyatt.

Meanwhile, Brandon's partner in the fake ID scheme puts his plan against Callie into action. They nominate her for prom queen then rig the election and have a bunch of students claim Callie used a fake ID to purchase booze and to bribe them for votes with booze. Of course, the principal who is dumb as a box of rocks buys the whole thing hook, line and sinker.

That's not the only trouble Callie has at the prom. Love sick Brandon makes his move on her declaring there's no reason they can't be together with him living at Mike's. Only Callie isn't going for it. She says she wants a family more than him, which he doesn't get or understand and says for Lena and Stef to be her real moms he has to be considered her brother and is off limits. Finally, out of desperation Callie lies that she slept with Wyatt when she left town with him and Brandon takes off in a hurt huff.

However, his luv for Callie is still true when he realizes she's being set-up and it's his fault so he claims he set her up because she didn't love him the way he did. Stef has no choice but to place him under arrest, but Callie runs out to her hero to tell him she lied and she never slept with Wyatt.

Earlier, junkie Ana had came sniffing around Stef wanting money from her to keep quiet about the shooting and Stef just shooed the nasty junkie away. She also didn't believe Ana's claim Brandon had paid her off, once. But Brandon admitted it and revealed that he'd gotten involved making fake ID's so he could repay his father for what he owed him for taking the money Mike gave him but not taking the piano lesson. Brandon reveals that Dani gave him the money to pay back Mike and that he bribed Ana. Stef says he's not to say a word until they try to figure a way out of this mess.

Meanwhile, Jesus starts sniffing around Emma, again, now that Lexi had dumped him. This is after telling Emma that while he likes her he loves Lexi. Needless to say she blows him off when he wants to take her to the prom. She ends up going with another guy, who is all hands.

And Mariana's first boyfriend experience turns out to be a scene out of Fatal Attraction thanks to Zac's crazy mommy. After calling her up on the phone calling her a whore, she's all roses and sunshine the next time she sees Mariana. Mariana wisely tells Zac he needs to get his mother help, but he says there's nothing wrong with you. He can't really say that after Mom butts in while he's dancing with Mariana acting like a jealous girlfriend and lambasting Zac for embarrassing her in front of everyone cause they know he's screwing Mariana. And later she doesn't even recognize him as her son. So it looks like Zac and Wyatt are both in the need of a foster home or will be soon.

In a strange way the bed Stef's mother bought Lena and Stef signaled a change in the series. Ever since that bed that lets Lena and Stef sleep in the bed but keeps them separate happened the whole tone of the show seemed to change. They need to get rid of that bed and have the two sleeping together in a normal bed they can cuddle in.

As for the Brandon/Callie mess, if they'd done a slow boil with these two it might have worked, but the way they did it and had it eat the entire show has really laid this show low. Hopefully, it's not too late to learn from the mistakes of this season and get the show back to what it was in season one.


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