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The Fosters -- The Foreclosure Party

Updated on July 10, 2013

A matter of acceptance

This week the show took on the topic of the Catholic's religion non-acceptance of same sex relationships and marriages. The way they did it was in a very interesting way, it also gave a very interesting slant on religion.

Jesus started the ball rolling by saying he wanted to go to a Catholic camp with Lexi and Stef was adamantly against it, because the Catholic religion feels the way she lives her life is wrong and against God. So a dinner party is arranged for Lexi and her parents to discuss the matter further.

I don't know if it happens out in the real world, but Callie seemed to be having to go to a therapy session with other foster kids talking about how things are going in their foster home. I actually hope it does happen, as it would be a good way to try and detect any trouble going on. Anyway, Callie realizes a girl named Sarah is now living in her old foster home with Liam. After the session she tries pumping the girl for information and let's Liam's name slip, which alerts the girl that Callie isn't just trying to be friendly. This is actually something Callie is going to live to regret deeply later in the episode.

I don't know why, but every time Mike is late, I keep thinking he's going to turn up dead. It's like he's got an invisible sign on him saying, Dead Man Walking. He was late picking up Brandon to take him to his audition and once again I thought he was dead, but he showed up explaining he fell asleep watching the game on TV. Brandon was all pissy about it and when he went in to audition for this prestigious teacher he totally crashed and burned. Mike blamed himself and got the man to listen to Brandon again. He already gave away the scholarship but agrees to take Brandon on as a student for $150 an hour. Seriously? He makes that much. Brandon is about to explain his Moms can't afford that, when Mike says he'll pay it. How? He's a cop. Last time I checked cops didn't make that kind of money unless they're dirty cops.

Wyatt is acting like he's not upset about the bank foreclosing on his house and is even going to have a party, which he invites Callie to. Callie doesn't want to go but when Mariana hears about it, she convinces Callie to take her. Mariana doesn't want to have to have dinner with Lexi and her parents if she stays home. Callie tells her not to get wasted, but Mariana does just that when she learns Lexi had to take the morning after pill after having sex with Jesus.

Earlier, she secretly met up with her bio-mom, Ana. She wondered if she wanted money, and said she couldn't give her any. Ana gave her a birthday present and claimed she didn't want money. But what exactly does she want. And since it was also Jesus' birthday, why didn't she buy a present for him, too, if she wants to be a Mommy to the twins.

Stef dropped by some groceries for her father and he wasn't thrilled to learn Jesus wants to become catholic. The talk ultimately turns to her father not being able to accept her as she is or her relationship with Lena. It seems Stef knew she was gay when she was a teen but when her father caught her with a girl he sent Stef away to some place that tried to fix her. That may be how and why she denied she was gay and married Mike and had a child with him.

At the party, Callie gets Wyatt to admit how he really feels about losing his home, when he and the other kids are trashing the house before the bank can get its hands on it. He finally breaks down and decides to take a piece of the wall with him that he did some artwork on to remember his home by. Callie leaves him to find Mariana and runs into Talya who is also trashed and offers to give her a ride home, but she refuses. Then she finds a trashed-out Mariana and tells her they're leaving. As she heads down the stairs she runs into none other than Liam, who knows she talked to Sarah, and threatens her to never do it again. Wyatt shows up and saves her from Liam. But it appears he followed her home, as he sends her a picture of the tree outside her window.

The dinner party turns into a disaster thanks to the unexpected arrivals of Stef's dad and Mariana. Stef's father brings up the catholic church's stance on same sex relationships and marriages tipping off Lena to how he really feels about her and Stef. Lexi's parents actually have an interesting take on it. They say that although their catholic their are things they don't agree with, like the church's stance on same sex relationships and marriage. In short, you can be a particular religion but you don't have to go along with everything they believe in and make up your own minds on the topic. While Lexi's parents nicely handled that little problem, they didn't handle the next ball lobbed at them by a drunk Mariana, who revealed that Lexi and Jesus are having sex. Thankfully, she didn't also mention the Morning After Pill.

I really thought the Moms might blame Callie for Mariana getting drunk, but since Callie was stone cold sober they put the blame where it belonged. They were also extremely pissed off for what Mariana did by blowing Lexi and Jesus out of the water to her very uptight no-sex before marriage parents. They're fine with same sex marriages, but not their daughter having sex. Thanks Mariana. You got what you wanted. I'm sure Lexi's parents aren't going to let her or Jesus get within ten feet of each other now.


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