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The Fosters -- The Fosters Face A Tragedy

Updated on July 28, 2014

Lena's dreams of motherhood turn to ashes

The episode begins with Lena having a dream about her baby. From that moment on it becomes obvious this potential new Foster is going to be roadkill.

Seriously, I don't know what the point of including Sherri Saum's real-life pregnancy into the show when they ultimately decide to have the baby not survive. I can understand why the baby was eighty-sixed. If a baby was added to the Foster family, it would totally change the dynamics of the show. But I'm just left feeling they shouldn't have gone there to begin with. It ruined Lena's friendship with Timothy and it all turned out to be for nothing.

After Lena's lovely dream of her future baby and how happy she is with Stef and the baby, the action goes back to where it left off last week. Stef knocking on the motel room and Ana answering.

Mike explains how he ended up helping Ana get clean. No he's kind of acting like her sponsor. Stef could care less. In fact, she sounded like she'd rather Ana was still getting high. She can't get passed all the trouble Ana has caused and she's not the least bit understanding about Mike helping her get clean and sober.

As she's walking away from the motel, she gets a call informing her there's something wrong with Lena and she's been rushed to the hospital. Seems Lena is suffering from Eclampsia. She's released from the hospital and put on bed rest. Only her bed rest isn't that restful as Jesus brings in people to look at the bed to try and get them to buy it, so Lena and Stef can go back to a normal bed that will allow them to cuddle, again.

Mike and dastardly Dani drop by. Dani has made the family a casserole. I'd check to see if she's laced it with poison. Needless to say after his last conversation with this foul cretin where she tried to claim he seduced her, Brandon is not thrilled to see her on his doorstep. And if Stef knew what the witch had done and was still doing to her son, she's shove the witch's face in her casserole.

When Mike goes up to visit Lena he reveals Dani has suggested they have a baby together. Needless to say knowing what she knows about his dastardly girlfriend, that news isn't music to her ears. She even comes seriously close to revealing to Mike that his girlfriend screwed his son. Brandon's arrival on the scene is the only thing that stops her.

Unfortunately, bed rest doesn't help Lena and she's taken back to the hospital where she's given a choice of her life or the baby's. Lena's mother is called in to talk sense into her. She tells Lena she's already a mother and basically doesn't need this baby to be a mother. So Lena decides to let them take the baby to save her life.

Later in the hospital a little girl comes into Lena's hospital room. She gives Lena a stuffed animal that just happens to have the same name as what she intended to name her baby. She wanted to name the baby after Stef's father. And after she's released the family gathers around for a memorial service for the littlest Foster of them all.

Meanwhile, while the family was waiting for new on Lena in the hospital waiting room, Callie finally broke through to Jude and he finally speaks.

Wyatt, not understanding why Callie is freezing him out, goes to Brandon for help. You can imagine how thrilled Brandon is about that, since he still has feelings for Callie. Brandon eventually goes to Callie and urges her to tell Wyatt the truth. She does just that and asks Wyatt to give her time and space and he's cool with that.

It seems like it's only a matter of time before Brandon tells his parents about his tryst with Dani. Anyone think that when Mike finds out and tosses the deceitful Dani out of his life, he's going to hook up with Ana? His feelings of hatred for Ana seem to have disappeared. Of course, if it does happen, it's bound to cause plenty of trouble in the Foster clan and plenty of trouble between Stef and Mike.

If Mike does get romantically involved with her, she's going to be in Jesus and Mariana's lives. And if she actually manages to stay clean and sober they may drawn to their bio mother. Which won't sit well with either Lena or Stef since they despise the woman for all the trouble she's caused them. Lena blames her for Stef getting shot.

On the up side, at least Mike isn't a killer and he didn't kill Ana. And if they do get involved, she hopefully will keep quiet about what really happened the night of the shooting. Still, I have a feeling Stef might almost prefer Mike had killed this woman so they'd finally be free of her.

Even if Mike and Ana don't become romantically involved, Ana could still become a presence in the twins lives. So that means Lena and Stef are going to have to deal with two bio parents. You've got Robert Quinn and his daughter, Sophia, who want to form some kind of relationship with Callie, even if Quinn's wife isn't thrilled about it. So it seems there's going to be a lot of angst in the future for the Foster family. And it remains to be seen if Callie will ever be legally adopted by Stef and Lena and become a Foster.


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