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The Fosters -- The Funeral

Updated on February 12, 2014

Two funerals and two guilty children

This was probably the best episode of this season, so far. That was because the teen ugh fest was kept at a minimum. And every time Brandon tried to start things up, Callie basically told him to go away and leave her alone.

The funeral was making Callie think of her own mother's funeral. They had had some fight before the fatal car accident and Callie had refused to kiss her before she left. She was telling people how badly Jude had taken their mother's death and he'd even destroyed her room, but the truth was she was the one who had destroyed her own room and rewrote it in her mind that it was Jude. Which is pretty psycho. It's yet another reason why this girl isn't emotionally healthy enough to be involved in a romantic relationship and she needs to fix herself first.

Stef had a dream where her father was only asleep when she came by to see him and they had ended things on a better note. So Stef also had to deal with the fact that she and her father hadn't had a good end to things. She ended up helping Callie deal with her guilt for not letting her mother kiss her before she died.

The funeral wasn't the only thing on Stef's mind. She found Lena's prenatal vitamins and wasn't happy about it. She said Lena could not have a baby. When she confronted Lena about keeping something from her, Lena thought she was talking about Mike, and Lena let it slip that trouble from the shooting is cropping up, again. Mike won't be returning to active duty and it's possible he could be charged.

When Lena confided to her mother about wanting to have a baby, her mother was anything but supportive, which just ruined it for Lena. Finally, she told her mother to butt out.

Jude invited his friend Connor over and they started playing with a Ouija board. Mariana asked who he boyfriend would be and the answer she got was a Z instead of a C. Jude wondered if that was Zach, which didn't make Mariana happy, since she wanted it to be C for Chase. Jude also asked his mother if it's okay for Lena and Stef to adopt him and the board didn't seem to answer and it seemed like it was Connor who pushed the placard to say Yes. Which may be a sign there may be trouble coming up with the adoption. Let's not forget Callie and Jude's daddy is roaming around out there somewhere.

Jesus spends the day with Emma which turns very awkward when Lexi Skype's Jesus. He decides not to answer, but Emma clicks the link on and Lexi and Emma get to meet face-to-face. It seems pretty obvious that Emma has a thing for Jesus. As for Jesus, he's playing with fire messing around with Emma cause someone's going to get hurt and since the odds of Lexi coming back is slim to none Jesus may need to make some major decisions. Like ending it with Lexi. But until he makes that decision he should really stay away from Emma. He's just asking for trouble.

Being back with the Fosters make Callie realize what she gave up. She tells Jude she wants to come home. Brandon claims he never realized all she'd have to give up for him and they seem to put an end to their relationship so Callie can come back home.

Stef climbs in the car her father bought for her and Lena and says goodbye to him. When it starts to snow like it did in the dream she had where her father was only asleep and not dead, she achieves a feeling of peace. When Lena climbs in the car they finally talk about the baby issue and Stef changes her mind saying she wants to have a baby.

It was good getting back to the heart of the show and putting the teen ugh fest in the background. This is what the show does best. Showing this unique family functioning together as a unit is the heart of the show. Leave the poor man's Romeo and Juliet to other shows. This show is better than that.

Once Callie's time at the girl's home is over and she returns to the Fosters home, how long will it be before things start up between Brandon and Callie again? What about when one of them starts seeing someone and the other gets jealous? It's nice they want to try and go back to the way things, but they really can't. It's like closing the gate after the horse got out. They should have never crossed that line and now that they have there's really no crossing back.

I imagine that Jude and Callie's father will be informed because Lena and Stef want to adopt them and they may need him to sign off paternal rights. But will he? Or will he finally decide he wants to be a daddy, putting a scotch on the adoption.

What will happen with Mike and will Stef have to reveal that she lied when originally questioned? Could Mike go to prison? What about Stef? If Stef loses her job how will they support the family when Lena has to go on maternity leave if she succeeds in getting pregnant?

Is Mariana heading into trouble with her flirtation with Chase? Will she give him her V card and then live to regret it. Or will she heed the advice of the Ouija Board and accept Chase isn't the one for her before it's too late?

Will Lexi feel threatened enough by Jesus and Emma's relationship to try and make it back to the states. Or will she and Jesus face the impossibility of the situation and end things between them.

So there looks like a lot of interesting stuff will happen on the show now the teen love fest seems to be taking a backseat for the moment.


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