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The Fosters -- The Hunt For Callie

Updated on January 18, 2014

Will Brandon man-up and tell them why she left?

Stef and Lena don't realize Callie is gone right away. Mariana assumes Callie is off at a music lesson. So does everyone else, until Jude notices Callie's guitar and rushes up to her room and realizes all her things are missing.

Before that Stef's mom, Sharon, questions Stef's decision to adopt Jude and Callie. After spending some quality time with Jude, Sharon gives a thumbs up to adopt him. I really wish the show would find a way to keep Annie Potts around, because she brings a great comic relief to the show, which at times can be very emotionally heavy.

Mariana is back to being jealous because Lexi wants to spend more time with Jesus than her. However, when she discovers Lexi won't be returning once she leaves, she makes a special dinner for the two to say goodbye. Lexi's mother finally told her that they wouldn't be returning. The story is Lexi's father lost his job when they learned of his illegal status and that's why they decided to move back to Honduras permanently.

When Callie is discovered missing selfish Brandon can only think of himself. He's all jealous because she took off with Wyatt. He can't seem to put together that he's the reason she left. He thinks Callie might be more into Wyatt than him. And when the Moms wonder why Callie would run off like this, he keeps his mouth shut about the kiss. Jude, however, puts it together in a second and blames himself, realizing she left so she wouldn't screw things up for him.

On the road with Wyatt, Wyatt tries to get Callie to tell him why she's running away, but she won't say anything. It's a shame they wrote Wyatt out and are determined on pushing this Brandon and Callie thing, because Wyatt is definitely the better man. He even slept in the same bed with Callie and didn't once try to take advantage. He also called The Moms and told them where Callie was, only Callie spotted them and gave them the slip by hitching a ride on a big rig.

Once she arrives at her new destination, she tries to get a job in a diner. Unfortunately, with no ID the diner guy won't hire her and guesses she's a runaway. He tells her to be smart and go home. Since being smart and being Callie don't belong in the same sentence, she takes off.

While they were on the road, Wyatt suggested that maybe her father might be looking for her and Jude. So she decides to call the prison looking for him. Only she discovers the man was released over a year ago. Yet he apparently never came looking for his kids to take care of them.

Her father seemed to be her last resort. When a hooker offers Callie some help, she kind of sees where that could lead. It's either go back to Juvie or go to work on the streets. She decides going back to Juvie would be the best bet, as she goes into a convenience store and starts eating food without paying for it right in front of the owner. As expected, the man calls the police on her.

Mike's a pretty good ex-husband. While Stef and Lena were off looking for Callie, he stayed at the Fosters and took care of the kids. That's pretty good, especially considering his wife left him for another woman. A lot of man might hold a grudge and feel that was a slam to their manhood. I really hope they don't kill him off, as there's talk of some tragedy hitting the Fosters.

The way this whole Brandon and Callie thing has played out, I've really become anti-Brandon and Callie. The Moms tell her they want to adopt her and Jude and what does this moron do? She sticks her tongue down Brandon's throat, knowing that will ruin everything for her and Jude. And Stef warned Brandon from the get-go that it was against the rules for him to become involved with her and when he learns she's going to become his adoptive sister he thinks that's a great time to start a romance with her? Then when she disappears he acts like a jealous little dink and doesn't even tell the Moms why Callie ran away.

Seriously, does he think he's going to carry on a romance with her under the Moms' roof? If social services found out the Moms could get in all sorts of trouble. Doesn't he get that as long as the two of them are living under the same roof nothing can happen between them? And I thought he was supposed to be so smart and mature.

I'm also annoyed that they're writing out Wyatt who comes off as a better boy for Callie than Brandon does. He actually puts her needs before his own, unlike the very selfish Brandon. I'm also annoyed that they're dumping the whole Jesus and Lexi romance, yet we have to have this Callie and Brandon junk shoved down our throats. As couples go, Jesus and Lexi are the more preferable couple.

Since Callie's father is out of jail, I can guess he may show up and prove an issue to the Moms adopting Jude. But maybe he can show up and take custody of his daughter, then she and her teenage Lothario can have their big romance after all. Either that, or Brandon needs to move in with Mike. Although after all the stupid crap Callie's pulled, I don't even know if the Moms would still want to adopt her, anymore. Learning they were adopted should have been enough to keep her from tonguing her future brother instead of acting like it was a green light to jump his bones.


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